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F@©K Susan Wajockccick, Jack Conte, Mark Fuckerburg, and all those othrer people,

They can suck my dick and they are all faggots will a hard R!
Siege Hael!
by lordgrim the invcbke February 10, 2021
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You should subscribe to Dumbass Dinosaurs, They are the best youtuber EVAAAA!
by lordgrim the invcbke November 27, 2020
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One of the evilest actresses ever,

she is best known for abusing Jonny Depp and taking a shit in his bed.
She said that jonny abused her, which is obviously a lie, but Warner bros fired Jonny anyway.
Warner bros should rehire Jonny Depp, fire Amber heard and make a public apology.
Amber Turd is evil.
by lordgrim the invcbke November 10, 2020
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A trick most people know about, if you try to trick someone and they say ¨thats The oldest trick in the book, then it means they know what you are trying to do and, to quote Robbie Rotten, ¨Try something else¨.
Remember just because someone knows what you are trying to pull, does not mean they are untrickable.
Also, you should subscribe to Dumbass Dinosaurs on youtube, their content can be a bit offensive, but if you can handle that than I definitely Recommend them.
Guy1: Hey, look over there!
Guy2: Bruh, that's The oldest trick in the book.
by lordgrim the invcbke November 8, 2020
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A Sorcerer is someone who is born with Magic. A Sorcerer is also considered a Mage and a Zauberer.
Most Sorcerers specialize in one or more of the following: elemental spell attacks(common choice), healing(very rare), chaos(common choice), glamors(common choice) and/or dark magic(very rare).
The sorcerer is blowing up the castle as we speak.
by lordgrim the invcbke October 12, 2020
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