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Francis is a very attractive male, usually of Italian descent, but does not flaunt his nationality to attract females. Rather he shows his unsurpassed sporting and academic ability, and may remove his shirt from time to time to seal the deal.
Jill: So, have you seen Francis today?
Jane: Oh my golly who hasn't? He is just so damn attractive.
Jill: I heard he removed his shirt last week?
Jane: Yeah 7 girls who were there were taken to hospital with over-horny-itis, almost instantly.
by Francesco Rimaro May 27, 2008
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Francis the G u know the guy who gets the girls the grades the clothes.Francis just the smooth operator
Yo Francis u the G
Or from one of his many hoes yo Francis ill see ya 2moz at my place francis ya babz or some cheesy line
by BIG VINNY January 11, 2007
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Francis is an asian kid that has alot of respect for girls while having the most swag possible swag. He can get all the girls but loves to be with just his love.
Guy: what do you think about francis?

Girl: He's very sweet! I wish he was mine but he is with that one Vietnamese girl.
by Swagmeout510 July 31, 2011
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The name (m) Francis means "Man From France" but in this instance it refers to the man of my dreams. A caring and kind man, always thinking of others, a great father and friend.
The man from France is called Francis.
by Shandie-bee February 06, 2010
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an enigma of a person; with stoic resolve and deadpan humour.
Francesco (Italian)
Damn this judoka is such a Francis!
by ctczara February 19, 2009
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awesome as a guy even better as a girl.
always smiling
music makes her. and she makes music sound better.
always laughing
usually green eyes that melt your soul
adventurous and free-spirited
so beautiful that it makes you want to kiss her on the spot whenever you see her.
not at all average. always original and differant in the best possible way. fun and mischievous.

if you are with a Francis, you are the the luckiest bastard in the whole universe. hold onto this one forever
woaah, who WAS that???
thats francis

yes, woaah indeed.

francis will always be my favorite

francis will always rule the universe
by greentogold March 17, 2011
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