A Francis is full of goodness. To be a Francis you need to be caring, kind and always put others before yourself. A Francis is full of positivity. A Francis searches for a diamond in the rough.
You are so lucky to have a Francis. A Francis will help you reach your full potential. You might even be his diamond in the rough...
by Simchee September 7, 2018
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has a big cock
"Hi Francis. I heard you have a big cock."
"That is correct."
by spacechimp404 December 30, 2017
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A guy with the biggest heart and cock in the world he would make girls get horny and try to touch his big fat cock
OMG a girl just fucked Francis last night she said that his cock was bigger than a keyboard!
by The guy with the biggest cock January 24, 2019
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Francis is the type of man I want to be with, the one I have always fantasized about. He is tall and walks with grace, has absolute swag and looks to match. Francis is also an intelligent man. I hope he smells good and feels warm. Francis is my neighbor, he is the guy I want to marry.
I think about Francis a lot lately.
by Alina_MFT May 14, 2019
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Francis is a very attractive male, usually of Italian descent, but does not flaunt his nationality to attract females. Rather he shows his unsurpassed sporting and academic ability, and may remove his shirt from time to time to seal the deal.
Jill: So, have you seen Francis today?
Jane: Oh my golly who hasn't? He is just so damn attractive.
Jill: I heard he removed his shirt last week?
Jane: Yeah 7 girls who were there were taken to hospital with over-horny-itis, almost instantly.
by Francesco Rimaro May 27, 2008
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Francis is a boy who puts others before himself and he likes girls.
If you get caught kissing someone who he likes then....
So be careful.
Or else!
Francis is a God at B-Ball
by FaZe_F5Z December 6, 2018
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Francis the G u know the guy who gets the girls the grades the clothes.Francis just the smooth operator
Yo Francis u the G
Or from one of his many hoes yo Francis ill see ya 2moz at my place francis ya babz or some cheesy line
by BIG VINNY January 11, 2007
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