According to Adele, things that are able to be chased, or are chase-able.
Bob: Should I give up, or should I just keep on chasing pavements?

Dave: Stop singing that. The lyrics don't even make sense.
by Mr. Lemon February 28, 2009
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In Britain, a raised pedestrian footpath on either side of a vehicular road (sidewalk). Or the material that such a path is composed of.
FYI: Americans use both "sidewalk" and "pavement."
by Shreve Lamb and Harmon October 10, 2005
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The real name for what the simplistic Americans call a "side walk". I can only assume that this name was picked as several Americans died through not knowing where to walk so they walked in the road, hence the turning of the name of a pavement into a set of instructions.
by Ferg June 30, 2003
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A hard substance used to make a paved surface (such as a road), or the paved surface its self. Types of pavement include: concrete, asphalt, cobblestones or bricks. Also used by the British as a synonym for sidewalk.
I used to live on a dirt road out in the country, but the road crew came by and put some pavement down. Now my car isn't so dirty.
by discontinuuity July 19, 2008
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