when you jump off a really really high place, and the rope does the rest!
guy 1: bungee jumping sounds so cool, i'm gonna do it twice!
guy 2: good cuz your gonna do it three times
by steven lebarron March 1, 2008
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when you jump from a cliff with a rubber string attached to you so you dont hit the ground and die in a bloody mess of organs on the ground
me: i'm never going bungee jumping, i'm alive because of a broken rubber, i 'aint dying because of another
by snickersneak November 26, 2013
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When you staple your ballsack to the roof of a building and jump off. The ultimate power move in a sexual situation.
Jack was being a little bitch and wouldn’t go bungee jumping with me
by Bigg Chops May 23, 2019
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You knew they were definitely bungee-jumping by the sounds coming from the garage.
by Rolls August 18, 2004
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The emo kid would have gone Bungee Jumping instead of cutting his wrist, but he was too much of a pussy.
by Modub November 24, 2007
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after you're done pounding her (wearing a condom of course we like to be safe), blow you load, and take off your condom. ever so gently turn it inside out and ask her if she wants to go bungee jumping. regardless of her answer- grab the inside out condom and slap her across the face mid answer. BAAAAAMMMM
bryan: "i bungee jumped that hoe last night so hard that she's afraid of heights now."

"bumgee jumping without a bungee.. that could be dangerous"

"i bungee jumped bryan and troy last night. and they liked it"
by nigha March 5, 2009
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when you drop your Ipod and instead of smashing on the ground it's caught by the headphone cord
"oh shit, i dropped my Ipod"
"oh wait it was just an Ipod bungee jump"
by GoldFishCrackers May 3, 2010
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