another term for her ass, a good route to take when she is leaking ketchup juice from her stanky.
when the river runs red, take the "dirt road"
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I took the dirt road with her, took the dirt road
by Jeremy December 4, 2002
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When the main road is red, take the dirt road instead.
by adfa May 5, 2003
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To be violently pentrated from behind, or 'fucked', metaphorically.
"Dude how's the divorce going?"

"Not great man, she seriously dirt roaded me."
by Youngunn21 April 27, 2013
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A secret term to use instead of "Anal".
Dude ___ is on her period and she said I can take 'the dirt road'
by AlmightyMoses April 7, 2017
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"Dude did you see that Laura left a Dirt Road in the toilet today. Must be those diet pills she's been popping."
by Shirley Jimenez December 18, 2011
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