To poke somebody in the side. Either under or in their ribs with your index- and middel finger.

A ancient technique with one superior master, Jan.
Marius! I'm going to pave you until you faint!
by Henrik E October 24, 2006
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Paving or 'Pave' became popular in post-millenium Liverpool where it was synonamous with violence. It became a euphemism for a violent striking action.
"Come here and I'll pave ya face!"
"Oh I'm gonna give you the paving of a lifetime!"
by Mad Harri November 01, 2006
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Another name for a knacker, pikey, itinerant or traveller. Or all four. Originated from the name of the traveller's union Pavee Point.
Shit, pavees coming into Chawke's now.
by --John January 02, 2007
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1) Said to you when you lose a physical/verbal fight.
2) Being made fun of
3) another word for beign "owned" or "served"
"Dude I so jsut paved you!"
"Jesus Fuck man, you got me good!"
by you wish you knew July 28, 2004
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