FYI is an acronym for "For your information." So, instead of writing "For your information" you would simply write "FYI" to get your point across. (Hence, an acronym)

An e-mail may be forwarded and in the content you can write "FYI" and the reader should then scroll down to read the remainder of the e-mail.

Can be mistaken for "For your FYI" - this is misuse of acronym.
Proper use: "The can of corn is in the top shelf, FYI."

Misuse: "For Your FYI it is our boss's birthday today" - wrong.
by Giggles124 January 31, 2014
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It's quite simple actually. It was originally a shortened version for For Your Information.

However, people have made up other things that can stand for FYI. For example "Fuck You Idiot". But, that's a bit pointless if you ask me. Saying the whole thing has a grander effect.
(Quoting Shrek 2)

Prince Charming: FYI, not my fault!


-Fuck you idiot!!!
-What the hell?
by HerculePoirot August 28, 2004
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FYI means For Your Information... i dunno WTH u ppl are on about; sayin it means Fuck You Idiot... and that's been on TV, on kid's programmes...on the Simpsons...
Homer Simpson- " FYI- while you two were arguing i ate your breakfasts."
Lisa & Bart together- "D'oh!"
by Adam. J. O. September 1, 2007
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person1: 'The sky is green'

person2: 'FYI (For Your Information) its blue'

person1: 'The sky is green'

person2: 'FYI (Fuck You Idiot), its blue'
by FYIMASTER July 12, 2010
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FYI; Fuck You Idiot. When you're really mad at someone and you think they are so bad at whatever, you say FYI, also meaning For Your Information.
John: Raid Shadow Legends is the best game ever.
Jane: FYI
John: huh?
by eggsbad April 24, 2021
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Fuck Your Igloo.

Used by young eskimo teenagers who are trying to break away from the traditional eskimo culture.
Mom: You need to go ice fishing with your father!
Eskimo Teen: FYI, MOM
Mom: What?
Eskimo Teen: FUCK YOUR IGLOO goes off to listen to fiddy cent and wear tennis shoes
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