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sumthin Bush made in to a crappy symbol for all the world to hate... Thanks Bush, u ruined patriotism, u little faggot.
All of the UN hates us and Bush
by steve February 06, 2004
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An uneasy feeling while being preached to.
The residual effect thereof.
The Jehovah Witness folks came by today and left their angel scat in the foyer. I was more interested as to where they bought their leather cases than their interpretation of heaven.
by steve January 22, 2005
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This word is any animal with human characteristics.
The popular PC Game Everquest, has many Anthrpomorphic characters in the game, such as a lion, and frog.
by steve July 29, 2004
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A greek moron. One who is nothing but a facade. A fake. One who is a copycat.
Look at that argeropoulos, trying to make friends! Everyone knows his game!
by steve October 23, 2003
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Place on the level "lockout" on halo 2 where people wait for you to jump through the blue tube and kill you from behind. Hence "camping."
Damn, i just got killed at camp curtis.
by steve February 06, 2005
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A strip club. Used in the United States indicating that Canada is lacking any high-culture but has an over abundance of strip joints
Me and the boys are gonna hit up the Canadain Ballet, you in?
by steve September 15, 2004
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