A person who comes from, grew up in, or resides in Boston, Massachusetts. (No doubt they will be a huge Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots fan.)
The minute he told me to, "pahk my cah in Hahvahd yahd," I knew he was a Bostonian!
by Michelle Koz. September 16, 2006
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person who was born and grew up in Boston. Die Hard Sports fan from the Sox To the Bruins. Knows there way around the twists and turns of downtown. Has a knack for hating anything New York related. Sometimes might leave off an "r" or add "wicked" when speaking or put an "ie" in ur neighborhoods name and call it "Westie" or "Southie" and of course the MBTA is just the "T".
Mike had lived in boston since he was a boy, now having been there for most of his life he is no doubt a Bostonian for life.
by Boston Joe August 27, 2007
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An arrogant, provincial person who never says "Please" or "Thank you" under any circumstances
When approaching the counter at a Dunkin' Donuts (a Boston-based coffee/donut fast food chain with extremely disgusting coffee that all Bostonians think is "wicked awesome"), they will say either "Gimme a cawffee" or "I need a cawffee." That will be the end of their dialogue, as they slam their money down, take their change, and greedily start sucking on their "cawfee" without even so much as looking at the person serving them.
by Cheltonian September 14, 2013
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Kick ass kids that talk with a boston accent and have seen movies such as the "Departed". These people eat, sleep, drink (alcohol), and listen to dropkick murphies. These people are the true americans of this world.
Bostonian is the way to be ya cock suckah
by Matt Flannigan April 13, 2008
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Someone who grew up around or in Boston and is proud of it. They know each and every way around town and are die hard sports fans and hate New York. They dont pronounce the letter : "R" and live for their city. The term "wicked pissah" hasnt been used in YEARS as well, just to let everyone know.
That bostonian has the coolest accent, and he loves his city A LOT.
by district02128 June 15, 2010
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Kick ass kids that talk with a boston accent and have seen movies such as "The Departed". These people eat, sleep, drink (alcohol), and listen to the Dropkick Murphys. These people are the TRUE Americans of this world.
"Bostonian is the way to be ya fuckin cock suckah"
by Matt Flannigan April 13, 2008
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A generation archetype of polo wearing, private school attending, and inherently capitalistic infected youth. Usually a die-hard sports fan (Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox) that thinks he or she is bamf, and almost always associated with pseudo-rebellion practices such as excessive weed and booze consumption. Although Bostonians are raised and born in Boston Mass, they will typically have a beach house in cape cod, and are materialistic although they frequently deny it. Their parents are incompetent morons who live a happy empty life with their hoard of massive cash, and will supply a future to their children after paying off Harvard to accept them. They are often mildly interested in alternative rock, and could be compared by analogy to preppy classy gwedos, and are often scoffed at by New Yorkers. Bostonians can also be refered to boston stoners, a derogatory although sometimes endeering name for completely avarage weed adicts whose mass conformity in moccasins/loafers and slacks leave them as a slightly laughable argile failure of prototype. Everyone pretends to stand them while secretly laughing. Warning: to those of you shaking your head, this probably applies to you.
*In defense of the masses, some bostonians are insanely chill mother fuckers, who should only slightly resent this definition.*
Julia: Dude, I spent all summer on the vineyard, If I see another Bostonian I swear to god, I'm gonna run down the street burning a red sox jersey and american flag, then politely ask them to eat shit and die.

Bo Bo: Fuck that man, I'll lace their weed with roofies and hope they get butt fucked by angry New Yorkers.
by Ju Ju Bee November 11, 2009
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