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A forgotten condition in a law, agreement, etc. that allows one to interpret and, in conclusion, get around another condition(s).
Dave: Man, I fucken HATE that bitch.

Joe: Calm down, you know we're not allowed to hit girls.

Dave: Who said anything about "hitting". There's no rule against brutally beating with a medival flail. *evil glint* Loopholes rule!

Joe: You sick fuck.
by the pwn3r August 08, 2006
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A way around an obstruction that would otherwise keep a person from obtaining a goal. This can apply literally and metaphorically and most often applied when bending the rules.
Person 1: I am not allowed to visit my friend in college because I am not accompanied by an adult.
Person 2: I found a loophole that allows you to go on campus if you see a student advisor.
by Rhodise Wendolyn March 24, 2015
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When a woman "saves herself" for marriage, but will let jo schmo have anal sex with her. "But, I am still a virgin!"
"She totally lets him hit that loop hole, what a sweet, virgin girl she is."
by Caseyyyyyy May 25, 2007
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Something forgotten, and can be taken advantage of. Or be a disadvantage.
person 1: I found a loophole in spider solitary.
person 2: how?
person 1:I played all but 6 cards and i need 7 to use another deck.
person 2:what are you going to do?
person 1:I dunno..
by Commander Keen November 01, 2004
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slang for "anus" commonly used by Utah residents
"I'm a Mormon and need to maintain my purity until marriage, but you can stick it in my loophole if you want."
by blackie1829 November 15, 2007
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A derogatory term coined by statist control freaks to demonise a Freedom they have not yet destroyed, but plan to.
The Canadian government intends to close small business tax loopholes that currently allow entrepreneurs to reinvest in their businesses at a low rate of taxation.
by lawful gun owner September 14, 2017
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