(Noun) a person (usually a boy) who does not take any actions in a relationship.
Girl 1: I dated him for 6 months and we didn't even kiss!
Girl 2: Wow! He's such a parked car!
by Trisaratops37 April 21, 2015
A polite synonym for Motherfucker, Muthafucka and likeminded phrases.
You kidding me... MOther PArking CAr.... I wanna kill him...
by ilam nebrann January 30, 2011
When you bring your car to a halt, and leave it in a stationary position.

Or, when you blow some fat rails of coke off your homie Josh's ass.
Hey, Josh, can we bring your car to a halt, and leave it locked and secured.

Also, after we park a car would you mind removing your pants, and allowing me to snort some coke off your ass?
by Wunduh Bread January 29, 2019
a way of greeting a friend; when one person tells another to park the car he puts up his pointer and pinky fingure as the other person pounds him or in other words puts his knuckles to his friends knuckles.
Bro, park the car.

Hey, park the car.

by SSR16 May 6, 2008
Clark has not parked the car in the garage yet. He's saving it for someone he really cares about
by guess who May 20, 2004