Toledo,Ohio...Great place to raise a family. You have all the things you want your kids to grow up to be, old automotive factories, strip clubs, XXX video booths, refinery's and lots of carnivals that all summer long they can get jobs working at. Then of course they become carnies!
Toledo, Ohio....Dad, our house has a great view of the river. Well that why I bought the van son. So we can live "in our van down by the river"
by toledo tom August 14, 2006
Toledo, Ohio or as we call it "the armpit of the United States" cause it stinks like shit here.

Its really a great town if you wanna become fat, die of 2nd hand smoke, or be homeless because there are no jobs.
You don't know the meaning of suck until you visit Toledo, Ohio
by tnt419 November 17, 2004
A city in the northwestern portion of Ohio, a few miles from the southern border of Michigan, so it has the filth of Detroit, and the white trash of the rest of Ohio. The Point is one of the few nice neighborhoods in Toledo, and is just off the Ottowa River. The only problem is that you're not supposed to swim in the river, because it's toxic. Toledo is a city that never really grows. Neighborhoods rot and decay away, just to be built over so they can be unkept and rot again, costing the city (which is already in considerable debt) millions of dollars each year. Regrettably, with the exception of Cleveland (please don't laugh too hard) and Colombus, Toledo is one of the nicer cities in Ohio, except for the Neo-Naziis and race riots.
I want to move to a city on the southern coast of Lake Erie... like mabye Detroit or Cleveland. Then again, I'm a white supremacist... so I guess I'll head for Toledo, Ohio.
by xTrippleZero April 24, 2006
A great place, full of great people. Toledo offers great Minor league Baseball and Hockey teams. It's art museum and zoo are among the top in the country. Countless Historical sites close by (Ft. Meigs, PutnBay, Falling Timbers, Rutherford B Hayes, Ludwig Mill, Sauders Village) Home of The University of Toledo and BGSU twenty min. south. Both schools around 20k students. On the shores of lake Erie and less than hour from the bass islands. A variety of great restaurants (Mancy's,Tony Pacos, Loma Lindas, Sean's, Webers, Capers). Very impressive Parks all around and outside of the city (ie. Oak Openings, Maumee Bay, Sidecut, Secore) Great public golf courses/country clubs (The Legacy/Inverness). Birthplace of great people like Jamie Farr"MASH", Tom Scholz "Boston", Bonnie Turner "That 70's Show/3rd Rock From the Sun",Dominick Labino "Artist-work in 65+Museums/Inventor - 57 patents including the Fiber Glass Used on Apollo Space Crafts" Eugene Kranz "Nasa flight director-Apollo 13" Jim Leyland "Detroit Tigers" Jim Jackson "NBA/BigTenNetwork" Countless Great Coaches inclucding, Don Donoher"Dayton NCAA Champ" Urban Meyer "Florida", Jim Harbough "Stanford", Joe Tiller "Purdue", Gary Pinkle "Missouri" Rob Chudzinski "Miami Hurricanes/Cleaveland Browns." Home to many large company's and fortune 500 corporations (Owens Illinois, Owens Corning, Dana, Jeep, John Mansville)
Toledo, Ohio home of the Mudhens 2005 2006 Governors Cup Champs
The son of UConn. Got killed by UConn in the Motor City Bowl, 39-10.
by UCONN OWNS TOLEDO, BITCH January 3, 2005