1.) A statement expressing wishes to attend some sort of activity (i.e. We should all go to the movies sometime), but at the same time expressing no plans to actually organize such an event.

2.) Such a remark made as an insinuation that the person on the receiving end should plan said event.
"Adam said that we should go to the mall and hang out sometime."

"Really? When did he say to go?"

"He didn't, it was only a we should."
by Marshall Banana April 23, 2006
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meaning, you should come by my house so we can fool around.
After the girl accepted the invitation from Nick, she had no idea that chilling would involve taking off her top.
by Mac Linton August 10, 2005
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Two meanings:
1. A person's way of getting off the phone because they really don't want to talk to that person anymore.
2. Or they just want to go jack off.
Jacob: So anyways my dad was late..
Emily: Oh.. Cool story bro.
*awkward silence*
Emily: ....We should text.
by wraina February 22, 2011
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The most horrible words a male could hear when asking-out or breaking up with a female.
1)What girl says:I don't want to go out with you, but "we should still be friends"
What guy hears:I would rather torture you with the thought of going out with me and watch you writhe in anguish, because it makes me feel good about myself.
2)Girl:We shouldn't go out anymore,but "we should still be friends".
Guy:If we're still gonna be friends why the hell did we go out in the first place?
by Hartainian scribe August 3, 2007
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The best pickup line EVER!

You see, what's genius about it is that in the use of the word "we" it definetely makes you sound like a couple - "hang out" makes it sound a whole lot more casual - and "sometime" makes it open and not too rushed. Also worth note is the fact that it's not a yes or no question, it's an opinion - and you can't say no to an opinion!

The pickup line was invented - or at least popularized - by Josh Sundquist, who is an awesome YouTuber. OF AWESOME.
*at le party or something*

*guy spots girl*

*guy and girl talk*

Le Guy: We should hang out sometime.
by PresidentSnowFangirl December 24, 2011
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Used when you want to do things that friends do with someone more often. It can be anything.
Person 1: Hey I haven't seen you in a while...
Person 2: I know, we should be friends more often.
Person 1: Yeah
Person 3: Fuck you
by SabazouJSL April 24, 2009
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a pick up line. more commonly a line used by an ex in an attempt to get back together, hook up, or attempt a friendship.
by callie jorsen March 14, 2016
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