The act of grooming a friend's girlfriend in the hopes of lining up future sexual opportunities.

Deaning is a disengenuous act usually performed by those whom you trust the most. People who dean generally do so in abundance, carrying their various deaning conquests as a badge of honour. These individuals are always seeking to expand their deaning ventures, hoping to obtain a conglomerate of females at their sexual whim. Such people are often found to be stating "I love her so much" and asking "Where is your girl?", "How is she doing?" in passing conversation.
Concerned man: Is Bartholomew deaning my girlfriend right now? Should I be worried?

Delusional friend: Nah dawg, he's just an amicable character
by SakDaddy October 18, 2021
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Dean is an amazing person who takes your breath away as soon as you lay eyes on him. You know straight away that you are in love. He makes you smile, laugh, love, he is so perfect. If you have a Dean in your life, keep him. He'll make you feel like the only girl in the world. You'll never stop loving him. Dean is dreamy and handsome and Adorable. You will love every second that you spend with him because he just makes you feel so good.
Did you hear about Dean
Yeah he's so amazing
I can't get enough of him
by D_L_2019 May 31, 2019
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Dean’s are the best dads you can have even if he scares you a little bit. Some of them are way to over protective and he will show you some cool take downs.
Wow Dean is a great fighter and protector
by What’s up😝 November 24, 2018
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the art of knowing something that you absolutley obviously know nothing about. ie i got a guy that want's a mastacater pump. and also the art of designing stuff that you don't know about either.
hey i weant to do the dean to your mom.

hey i know about stuff but i don't really
by paul vortman July 16, 2008
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Swag. Tall, sexy and fit. Dean is a man dripping in swagger with a huge cock, Dean knows how to make the pussy drip.
"Mmm that Dean is just so fucking sexy! He makes my pussy so wet!"
by uaeneg May 30, 2012
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A funny yet can be seireous person who is deeper then meets the eye. He likes some people but is to shy to say who. He says what’s on his mind, and is Lonley
by J9md June 5, 2018
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dean is the type of person to deal out math homework like no one ever has. he stands and walks as if he were superior to everyone around him, but we don't complain (because he's fucking god on earth). dean's smile lights up the darkest of rooms, and his homework always puts answers on other student's papers. dean is not only an outstanding student, but also maintains a HUGE penis to slap down any man coming his way. his balls are made of steel, and he can conquer any task given. we ALL love dean. no excuses. (he may also own a meme account).
"did you see dean over there?"

"yeah, tell him to send the math homework"
by tilpss May 20, 2019
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