That marvelous activity in which a Woman uses a broad, flat bladed instrument, a paddle (such as for paddle ball, or any similar instrument) to strike the bare behind of a man repeatedly and with much force.

She will make his arse turn crimson, maybe bruised, and often the discoloration will last several days to a couple of weeks during which time it may turn several colors.

Very humiliating for the man, yet curiously desirable. Enables a Woman to take continually more control over the man.
My neighbor gave me a paddling; She paddled me very hard and long! I'll do anything for her...
by Jay April 23, 2005
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The act of paddling a canoe or kayak.
Larry: Hey Anne, do you want to go paddling with me?

Anne: Where are you thinking of going?

Larry: The Ichetucknee River it is a clear spring river run that goes into the Santa Fe River, I think you'll love it?

Anne: Sure!
by mlhiss April 2, 2008
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A special term used for the act of drinking loads of fruit flavoured alcoholic refreshments and clubbing afterwards to songs of contemporary pop-artist.

Note! This term is currently only applied to middle-eastern refugees living in northern Europe, but is expected to grow in the European culture in the same way as kebab and poor driving skills.
Yooo lad! Are you down with a good night of paddling or are you a sad Midsummer Day?
by 9ma December 4, 2007
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"After spending the day with your sister I had to go home and paddle it."
by C bukowski September 24, 2007
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A place in the dark depths of Pembroke, Pembrokeshire where you can catch crabs and gonorrhea from just breathing. A nightclub in which you have to be 18 to enter, however paddling 14 year olds are subsequently let in for 'looking' 18 because the bouncers are ill-educated twats who need their glasses fixed. Once inside a rare sight will be seen, the inhabitants of Pembroke and Pembroke Dock (sometimes even Haverfordwest) all 'getting low' to Flo Rida in one big clan. It is the one place where married 40 year olds can go and pull a naive 14 year old and be no consequences.
girl1: I'm 14, and i go to paddles!
girl2: Me to, cause i'm from Monkton!
girl3: Same, i got there to get totally taken advantage of by some 40 year old man while i'm drunk after my 2 WKD's!

guy1: you paddling it this weekend?
guy2: no, i actually like the way my healthy dick looks!
by flooooo May 25, 2009
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verb: to use a board, wooden spoon, hairbrush, bathbrush and the like to spank a naughty girl on her bare ass.
i turner her over my knee and paddled her raw!
by Anonymous September 8, 2003
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to be striked in the ass with a cricket paddle.
this mostly happens to boys entering grade 10
and most receive 3 strikes on there bottom.
Jim:Hey Bob did you see what happened to Bill?
Bob:O yes I did he got paddled like the bitch he is.
by Adam Dixon July 14, 2006
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