A verb describing the act of swiping your hand like a credit card in an upward stroke over a persons genitals. This is normally done for shock value to a person who is not expecting it. One also screams "KA-YAK" while swiping a victim.
"That nagger, Laura, wouldn't pay attention....so I gave that hatchet wound a kayak she will never forget!"
by H. Cain September 18, 2007
1) noun- a boat used in the sport of kayaking

2) verb- to kayak- a water racing sport that onvolves someone sitting in a boat and using a double-bladded paddle to propel themselves down the lake, what someone does if they are too smart to row or canoe. note:this only applies to flatwater kayaking, whitewater does not count, if i was put in aboat at the top of the river i'd make it downhill pretty fast too.

Rower: So you paddle. how does it feel to be going slower than a rower?
Kayaker: At least I've figured out which way is forward!

Old Lady: Ahh, you must be a rower!!!
Kayaker: No m'am, thats a rower over there... (points to dishevilled youth walking backwards through heavy traffic)
by CHall April 24, 2007
A single person boat used for many things. Used to be used by hunters, now used for recreation. The 2 groups of kayaking are flatwater and whitewater. Whitewater kayaking takes much more balls and skill than flatwater kayaking and is a shit load more fun. Here in north carolina and the rest of the southeast we have the best rivers and people for whitewater kayaking.
Kayakers in the south east run the shit all year long.
by jj6969 April 30, 2006
A 20 foot long, spiked steel dildo with rotating saw blades. It is painted red with the blood with the innocent.
Hey did your girlfriend use the kayak last week?

Yeah she drowned in her own blood but she sure did enjoy it!
by Willis B June 30, 2010
Euphemism for penis. Think "cock" with an alternate pronunciation.
This girl at camp rode my kayak all summer long.
by 8' Kayak July 25, 2003
Someone who is so incredibly stupid that their intelligence is comparable to some whomst actually has a form of mental disability.

Can also be shortened to "yak"
Person 1 says something really stupid

Person 2 "Holy shit you are such a fucking kayak"
by Jay Yu March 20, 2017
The act of dipping the unbitten end of a piece of food you have taken a bite of to avoid double dipping. Derived from the similarity of the act to using a kayak paddle, where the two opposite ends of the paddle are dipped consecutively into the water.

If you take one bite of a fry then dip the unbitten end in ketchup after, you are kayaking. This technique can also be applied to quesadillas, chicken tenders, onion rings, etc.

Not everyone accepts kayaking. Some people will unfairly equate it to double dipping, so use this technique at your own risk.
Jim: “Hey man, no double dipping!”
John: “Nah, it’s cool. I’m just kayaking.”
by WhatThaFish January 29, 2020