One who is unable to throw away a single thing with the most miniscule amount of sentimental value.
Asya kept every flower Michael's given her in a shoe box and had dreams of crowds pointing and chanting the words "pack rat".
by Someone Very Special June 3, 2005
a person who stores anything they acquire and will discard none of it.
My dad is such a pack rat. He still stores his stuff in my mom's house despite the fact that he is no longer married to her.
by Light Joker June 29, 2005
A pack rat (in blazing terms) is someone who willingly, or is forced to make the mix, pack everyone's cones, carry all the stash/equipment.
Umez, make a mix! It's your duty as pack rat!
by Hugo Cribbin March 23, 2008
When having sex doggy style, the man pushes his balls inside the vagina, thus creating the pack rat.
Sally was quite alarmed when Johnny gave her a pack rat last night.
(Johnny has elephantitis)
by EZ January 26, 2005
1) A nick name given to those who find the insertion of small rodents into the lower colon via the anal sphincter to be sexually stimulating.(see Richard Gere)
2) A person who can not throw away anything that, in their mind has value of any kind, and so begin meticulously filing away, in the style of the pack rat found in nature.
3) A species of rodent
1) Richard Gere was reported to have had a gerbil inserted up his ass, making him a different kind of pack rat.
2)Everyone knows a person who can't throw junk away, they're pack rats.
by jrh5356 April 24, 2005
A pack rat is a rat that’s a pack rat that feeds off of food
My friend Dylan sure is a pack rat. Oh boy.
by Holy Child March 14, 2018
A person who collects books, newspapers, articles, journals, ebooks, webpages, magazines or any medium of information but has never read them or does not plan to read them in the future. Just collects all kinds of information which will eventually clutter up his/her bookshelf, filing cabinet, drawer, chest, binder, hard-drive, floppy disk, cd, house etc.

Similar to an info junkie who collects all kind of information, but unlike an info junkie who uses the information, an information pack rat accomplishes nothing.

A person who takes out 10 library books at a time and reads none of them is kind of like an information pack rat except he/she does not get to keep the books.
Man! I have so many books on diverse subjects like philosophy , mathematics, cooking, rock n' roll history and politics and I've never finished reading either of them. Now I'm out $500 for buying these books and know nothing new. I'm such an information pack rat
by RC September 27, 2005