The opposite of a cougar. A young girl seeking an older man.
I swung by to pick up my kid at middle school today, when this smokin' gerbil gave me her number!
by jmhunter April 12, 2009
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1. n. A small rodent that has been domesticated and is now widely found in the classrooms of elementary school-aged children.

2. n. A young girl who likes older men. These girls will woo the men with their large eyes and pouty faces. Opposite of a cougar. The man dating this girl could be known as a dingo.
1. Jenna's 2nd grade class just got a gerbil name Mr. Snuggles.
2. DAYUM. That gurl be a gerbil all the way holmes!
by ISABEAST April 13, 2009
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the opposite of cougars. when a younger girl likes an older guy.
"hey look at that chick over there. shes totally checking you out."
"she must be like 15! she is such a gerbil."
by colobumo August 26, 2009
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Our name for the Eurasian species of this mammal, which is noted for defending its burrow like a knight of old, may come from the gerbil knightly emblem. The creature's white head with a broad black stripe on each side of the snout may have brought to mind a gerb, hence gerbil. Good evidence supporting this theory is that an earlier name for the animal was gauson, which comes from the Old French word gaucenc, usually referring to a white patch on a horse and also meaning “gerbil.” gauson is first recorded in 1373.
by justin April 02, 2004
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The opposite of "cougar." When a really young girl wants a way older guy...GROSS
Watch out, she's a gerbil! It could be illegal dude.

Don't buy her a drink she's a gerbil.

That gerbil married me then divorced me and took all my damn money!
by Herbert Swangstatus April 20, 2009
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Small Seizurey Mammal who watches sexual acts of unspeakable horror
That gerbil was all seizurey, & uh stuff
by Gerbtaro April 25, 2003
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Most amazing cutest animal of them all which must not be used in the art of bum fucking
by Charli April 21, 2004
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