38 definitions by jrh5356

1) Any time spent waiting for any desired object, or time wasted wishing or hoping to attain the same.

2) The time span that occurs between the male human achieving his orgasm and the time that the woman leaves.

3) The time spent waiting for sex while you're getting your AIDs test results.
Wait and see are the words usually preceeding an eternity.
by jrh5356 April 23, 2005
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1)adj.- The insulting term used to indicate the lowest of femalelife forms, usually human, inferring that she is two feet lower than a cunt, or at ankle level.
My cunt of a girlfriend has sunken lower than an ankle.
by jrh5356 April 15, 2005
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1)Noun, A popular band in the late nineties who took the idea for the band's name from the popular 70's series "CHIPS", as 7Mary3&4 were John and Ponch's call letters as motorcycle highway patrol officers in southern california.
by jrh5356 April 15, 2005
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1) Sprank is what guys who distribute methamphetamine tell their clientelle they will get if they will perform felatio on him until he ejaculates his sperm/crank mixture.
2) The combination of crank and sperm.
Bitch, I'm telling you that my sprank will wire you up.
by jrh5356 April 23, 2005
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1) To be wasted on any number of controlled substances, and realizing you've probably had more than enough and had better lay down before you fall down.
We've smoked ourselves stizzed.
by jrh5356 April 20, 2005
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1)An obvious combination of three seperate sexually perverse maneuvers, being:
1.The Dirty Sanchez 2.A Strawberry Short Cake, and 3.The Abe Lincoln.
2) About as low as a man can be in his mistreatment of a woman at their most vulnerable moment.
by jrh5356 April 22, 2005
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1) It is one of nature's many genetic filtration methods, along with bravery, curiosity, carelessness, as well as bad luck, and fate. The human species is better off when the filters clean out the carrier before the gene can be passed on to another generation.
2) The most abundant element in the known universe, followed by carbon.
3) A condition most deny having until witnessed demonstrating the affliction in view of others,
That sunami off Indonesia was God's way of emptying the trash, even the animals were smart enough to head for higher ground, but look how many stupidity gene donors were wiped out.
by jrh5356 April 16, 2005
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