v. Highly technical military term, meaning "to steal." Generally used in an operational setting. Stolen resources are typically the spoils of pilfering another unit's equipment.
Platoon Sergeant to Private: where the fuck is your Kevlar (helmet)? You better find it before Close of Business!!

(as the sergeant leaves)

Specialist to private: don't worry about it, we'll "acquire" one from third platoon.
by roosterduck January 31, 2009
police: so, where exactly did you get (piece of expensive software / movie / album / any and every type of modern media / gold bullion / etc.) from?

you: why, i 'acquired' it from a 'reputable' 'vendor', sir!

police: okay, move along

you: trollface.png
by Gloone May 15, 2011
When you give your self or someone else a gift that was not paid for.

"Hey i got you something"
"Aw, from where?"
"well I acquired it"
by Lesbian Sarah December 16, 2007
The correct spelling of a word that your 'dictionary' spells as 'aquiring'.
Acquiring credibility as a dictionary is difficult if words within the dictionary are misspelt.
by L A Odicean December 18, 2011
Another way of saying "this stuff is shit but you'll get used to it".
Guy 1: This moonshine tastes like shit
Guy 2: It's an acquired taste

Guy 1: Scat porn is shitty.
Guy 2: It's an acquired taste
by Midi4n January 7, 2007
A term used to describe the act of stealthily obtaining items or gear you need. Only true ninjas are capable of tactically acquiring shit.
*Knifehand* Go tactically acquire some toilet paper, I don't have time to walk all the way over to the px and I don't want to bathe after I take a shit, you understand me?
by Kreator89 February 7, 2010
It is a behavior that is learned over a period of time, which cannot be unlearnt because it is imbibed in one's personality.
My friend couldn't date Samuel because he apparent acquired toxicity from his previous relationship.
by Lalari April 28, 2021