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Australian for;
1. Marijuana. One cone = One completely packed and smoked bong.
2. To smoke weed through a bong.
1. "I smoke about 15-25 cone's a day."
2. "Shit, we've got nothing to eat for breakfast, let's just smoke some cones."
by Diego August 30, 2003
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A cone is the bowl of a bong where the weed is put.
"Can I pinch a cone?"

"Lemme just rip this cone quick"
by devvonshire May 17, 2007
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1. Metallic cone shaped item in a bong or pipe that the weed is burnt in. Another word for a 'bowl'.
Really means 'cone piece' or CP(abrev.)
2. Process of smoking weed from a bong.
1. "Pack me a cone!" OR "Can I have a cone."
2. "It's 10 am and I still haven't had a fucken cone today."
by Diego June 29, 2003
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In memphis CONE means a junky or person who is always begging or asking for something or even a lame person
guy: all i got is a dollar and 50 cents
guy2: can i have a dollar and 50 cents
guy: that's all i got main you a cone
by Jasice March 10, 2006
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substitute for epic bong hit, bowl of weed, etc.

also used as a verb, noun, adjective, anything. (see examples)
"i smoked a cone before work and still made 200 dollars in tips off of 5 tables."
"would you like to get coned and play excitebike?"
"do you have any cones or are we going to scrape resin?"
by conus July 12, 2006
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Used as a verb, in New Zealand it commonly refers to the practice of putting roadcones in eccentric, high-up places, for example flagpoles, statues, church peaks, tall trees and traffic lights; usually by teenagers as a form of dare or attention-seeking. As with tagging and urban culture in general, the main motivation is the expected reaction of the public, and peers - thus it is common for the act to be recorded for posterity with photos and/or video and subsequently posted to social networking sites. Also occasionally called punking.
You can tell it's the holidays, all the traffic lights have been coned at the intersection.

We should try coning that statue au!

You keen to go cone that flagpole tonight?
by durisnonfrangor April 07, 2010
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