A rodent's worst nightmare. More specifically, an actor who does a lot of shitty female-appealing movies and was married to Cindy Crawford. However, Gere is most famous for the rumor that he shoves vermin up his ass. Allegedly, Gere has made his rectum a home for mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, and/or guinea pigs in an effort to sexually gratify himself in a gay manner.
Richard Gere finished filming "My Best Friend's Hairy Vagina," then he went back to his penthouse and shoved vermin up his anus.

Richard Gere walked into Petco, strolled toward the small animals section, and though, "Whose lucky day is it today?"
by PPabs October 13, 2003
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Squinty-eyed old man who shoves gerbils up his arse.
Richard Gere is in another movie with some girl his granddaughter's age.
by Miniskwinkie December 20, 2005
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When Hollywood wants to make yet another chick flick and doesn't want to pay for talent (why would you in a chick flick) Gere's name comes right up.
Director Hoib Goldbaum: "Say, lets make a movie with a mindless plot with shameless exploitation of every human emotion, depicting a lapdog husband under the control of a beautiful middle aged soccer mom who dresses well and has suspicously young children with fake southern accents."

Producer Sol Horowitz: "So you don't think Gere's already working?"

Goldbaum: "Working? Yeah, he's working with a gerbil!"
by Hoze December 25, 2004
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A Richard Gere is when two guys give a girl a Sunny St. James, the three of them cum at the same time and poop out a hampster
Damn those ass bandits, they just gave that greasy shawtay a nasty ole' Richard Gere
by StayStoked November 28, 2010
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When an actor is at the peak of their career and decide to see how many live gerbils they can fit up their ass.
Dont tell me...."You Richard Gere'd it huh?
by Jungle Dave February 3, 2020
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Oh god, I can't take any more of Richard Gere's ass clownerie.
by Dan February 22, 2004
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A guy who is not well endowed. Not having the right equipment in the bedroom department. An actor best known from the film, Pretty Woman.
Girl 1: You said he had a big dick.
Girl 2: he didnt?
Girl 1: This muthafucka got Richard Gere.
by Mr. Charles Monroe January 11, 2019
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