to cancel a acive task or deny to complete it
i was composing a mail but i changed my mind and discard it
by syed abid jamal April 25, 2007
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Noun. a person who is not worthy of performing a function or fulfilling a role.
I met this bitch at a party last year. I saw her again at the mall yesterday, she looks pretty hot. Not so hot I would fuck her, but at least she's not a total discard like before.
by Ravinbrand February 15, 2006
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When a dealer picks up a discarded card and plays it himself or deals it to his partner if his partner signals for it.

It works quite well in a game where players are drinking because rarely do they notice the card re-enter play in the same hand. It is often used in stud and draw games, not so much in "flop" games like Texas Hold'em because the dealer doesn't have a chance to pass that card to his partner.
The character Worm was said to have learned this technique "discard culls" in the film Rounders whilst he was in prison
by Bonaventure Canute January 16, 2010
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Someone who discards life supports
Girl1: Hey life support discarder!
Boy1: We're breaking up..
by September 11, 2021
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A bypass for discord on ROBLOX beacuse for some fucking reason they filter it
"duyd and me omn discard"

"bro, what ## you trying to say"
by AsSbeater4206 May 19, 2021
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