He is romantic, kind and caring, he loves playing video games and being outside but most inportantly, he loves the girl that he is dating, when he is dating a girl, he knows exactly how to treat a girlfriend, but it is hard for him to get one, he is bound and determined type of guy, ladies, if you find this guy. ... Don't ever let him go!
I love you Dylan.
by The#1Lover March 2, 2018
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Dylan can be the coolest guy in the world or the biggest asshole, depending on how you take him. Dylan has a funny and a dark sense of humor that takes time to understand. There are people that wanna kill Dylan, and there are people be his bro. He can be an total backstabbing bitch, but that's how he is . Dylan can be known for getting along with strangers, being nice to them, or being a total jerk to them. Dylan is a brave and strong. He can be a leader if he wanted to be one. Dylan almost always has a plan B. He is a trouble maker but always finds a way out of it. The only times he gets in trouble is probably when he is getting ratted out by others. Dylan is not known for his looks, but people that do see that in him are people that wanna be with him for a long time. Don't get hooked on the fact that guys should break the ice. Dylan is different, he tends to act shy differently around girls he likes. Dylan can be a really sweat romantic guy if you give he the chance to be. Dylan has a soft side that very few people will ever see. You can see this side of him only if you get his trust. If you’re a guy good luck getting to this part of him. If you know a Dylan stay in contact with him because you will never ever find anyone like him.
Remember to hold on to Dylan because their is no one like him.
Hey Dylan!
by a correcton February 4, 2020
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Dylan is a boy who's ego is strengthened solely by the presence of a positive definition about his name on UrbanDictionary.
Oh my god, he's such a Dylan!
by insultingpeople December 15, 2019
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Person 1: hey do you know dylan?
Person 2: yeah that hoe stole my microwave but he’s a decent guy.
by decentpeoplesociety February 5, 2019
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A man with an incredibly huge penis. Legend has it that his penis caused the big bang
"Where is Dylan"
"Just look down his penis is so big it wraps around the world, we can trace him"
by LifeFacts30001 October 24, 2018
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The one guy who's a complete ass and yet you feel comfort when he's next to you. Dylan is that one friend who makes the most retarded jokes, has weird inside jokes and has the carefree vibe about him. The friend group he is apart of is weird and you wouldn't understand it unless you were in the group too. He has mental dificulties and that can rub off on people. He speaks about it openly though and isn't afraid to say he has depression. When he thinks something is wrong, he says something. He may seem happy at times, but pay close attention and you can see the pain in his eyes sometimes. You'll have to know when to leave him alone and when to talk to him with only little clues within his tone and his body language. If you happen to fall in love with him, you'll have to learn quick otherwise he could give up. Don't let him.

If he's your brother, you're damn lucky. He's always teased and made fun of you. No matter what. It was joke after joke made to insult you. He did that to toughen you up. You've learned to fight back cause of him. You might even be a mini him. It may seem as if he doesn't care for you but the moment something bad happens, he'll run to you, get their number and say a simple line. "Don't worry bout it." And take off. He would do what he does best: Protect you.

Dylan isn't perfect but he's damn amazing. He's strong and cool. An ass but protective. Emo and reserved. But quite open when you're his friend or lover. Don't ever let him go.
Sibling:Fuck you
Dylan: who? What's their number?

Sibling: Uhm. What are you gonna do?
Dylan: Don't worry bout it *smirks*
by Alene Killian July 30, 2018
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A person that can be childish at times, and is great ato messing things up, but would never try to hurt the girl he likes.
That guy is such a Dylan
by 1234567810 December 23, 2016
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