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Dylan can be the coolest guy in the world or the biggest asshole. depending on how you take him.

Dylan has a funny and a dark sense of humor that takes time understand.

Their are people that wanna kill Dylan and be their bro.

He can be an total backstabbing bitch but that's how he is .

Dylan can be know for getting along with strangers being nice to them or being a total jerk to them.

Dylan is a brave and strong .he can be a leader if he wanted to be one.

Dylan almost always has a plan B

He is a trouble maker but always finds a way out of it. The only times for getting in trouble is probably getting radded out by others.

Dylan is not know for his looks but people that do see that in him are people that wanna be with him for a long time.

Don't get hooked on the fact that guys should break the ice.Dylan is different he tends to act shy differently around girls he likes.

Dylan can be a really sweat romantic guy if you give he the chance to be.

Dylan has a soft side that very few people will ever see.You can see this side of him only if you get his trust.if your a guy good luck getting to this part of him.

If you know a Dylan stay in contact with him because you will never ever find anyone like him.
Remember to hold on to Dylan because their is no one like him .
by Bobb dylan 16 December 19, 2015
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This guy is one amazing man. He is the type of guy that will make your day brighter just by seeing his smile. He will always try to help you feel better if you're having a bad day & he has such an amazing personality on top of his handsome & perfect looks. He supports you through thick and thin and he has such an amazing sense of humor. He is the most thoughtful, sweet, and caring guy that you will ever meet & you know that you can tell him anything, because he won't tell a soul. If you come across this guy, know that he will change your life forever. He doesn't just make a wonderful boyfriend, but he grows to become your best friend in the process. If you're lucky enough to find this guy, be sure to keep him in your life for as long as you possibly can, because you won't ever find another guy like him in this world.
Dylan is sweeter than candy.
by Yours Truly 0807 September 17, 2013
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Dylan, an amazing guy that would make a perfect husband. He loves unconditionally and never mess with him. He may look innocent, but under that face is a straight up savage that knows how to fight. He has a huge dick and gets hella bitches because of the respect he displays for girls. He is a huge hunk of man meat and is considered a sex God.
Do you see that guy over there? He must be a Dylan 😍
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Dylan is the most kind hearted guy. He will make you feel like you are the only girl in the world. He can always make you laugh no matter how sad you are. If you ever meet a Dylan keep him in your grasp, he will be a long lasting friend. He is never ashamed of what he does. he has a perfect smile.
Dylan is the best guy ever
by someone that you use to know January 21, 2013
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A person that can be childish at times, and is great ato messing things up, but would never try to hurt the girl he likes.
That guy is such a Dylan
by 1234567810 December 23, 2016
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The sweetest guy you will ever meet, he'se been through a lot of shit but has a heart of gold. He has lost of friends and loves to hang out and joke around with them. He has the softest hair in the world and the bestest friend and boyfriend you could ever ask for. He is perfect in every way and everything he does is perfect. Hese very adventurous and has a lot of ambition. If you ever find a flat rock at a beach you should give it to him because Dylan's are very talented in many ways expectially at skipping rocks. Dylan's have a deep love for pizza and apple juice. Dylan's eyes are the prettiest shade of blue and you can get lost just looking in them. If you every come across a Dylan keep him close to your heart because they are rare and very special.c
When I met Dylan it was love at first sight.
by Sparkles and glitter January 30, 2015
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a boy who really likes one person and will never give up trying for that one girl! (: and he is cute! (:
omg is that dylan!
by elyza snodgrass February 04, 2013
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