Possibly a tyop of "won", given the contexts it's used in. Also 0wn and pwn.
Dude. I owned at Pong.
by antiphon January 20, 2004
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An odd word to come across when, in grammar, you are supposed to put it into the past tense.
by Bobert (Imma girl) December 01, 2006
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To be l33ter than someone or something. To be better. To own. To rape.
"Wow, I owned in that paintball game."
by MF September 01, 2002
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To own, To belong oneself, To belong someone, to be controlled, to be dominated and spanked aka girl own, to maintain someones position
To own a bitch!!!
To be owned (dominated controlled) by a hot chick.
I am owned by my bitch every nite.
I own that doode in that position.(think nasty or CS way ur choice)
by The F*ckin 504 accord March 12, 2003
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belonging to one person. To have ownership of an item.
Denis Lemieux: Joe, who own the Chiefs?
Joe McGrath: OWNS, OWNS!
Denis Lemeiux: OWN-ZA! OWN-ZA!
Joe McGrath: wordI don't know/word.
Denis Lemeiux: Thanks
by Ricky Roma December 22, 2003
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Take responsibility to what you've done.
Be accountable for your actions.
- I fucked up. I'm not sure if I should tell her.
- Man, own it. Tell her.
by Asdwfefeger December 24, 2015
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v. owned, 0wned, pwned, 0wn3d, pwn3d, own3d.
v. tr.
To be made a fool of; To make a fool of; To confound or prove wrong; embarrasing someone: Being embarrased.
I owned you in counter-strike. You were owned at the party yesterday.
by Quick Reply September 20, 2003
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