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An amazing guy that's easy to fall in love with and totally knows what he's got. Confident and driven, he will take over the world.
Denis is lovable and amazing.
by angie O edema July 08, 2018
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A smart funny guy who also has a jerkish personality he's handsome and you would be lucky to date him. He's normally a short guy with a big heart.
He's funny but mean definitely a Denis
by randomchic101 July 29, 2016
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A hot guy that everyone, especially preteen/teen girls, go after. Prone to being called β€˜daddy’ by the people who go after him.
Girl 1: Denis is so sexy and hot!
Girl 2: I know right!
Girl 1: I want him to choke me and make me call him β€˜daddy’
Girl 2: That would be nice
Girl 1: It would
by iimistyy June 02, 2018
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Male name. Origin: France. Pronounciation: Deni'. Deriving from the Greek Dionysius meaning β€œfollower of Dionysos.”
Caring, Sensitive and Artistic. Natural intelligence and humble demeanor. Loyal and trusting. Found to be charming and handsome by many. Requires encouragement and motivation in starting projects, but once inspired completes the most challenging tasks with ease. Cherished by family and much loved by many.
Denis Diderot. Saint Denis. Denis Dugas.
by megababoo February 05, 2010
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Denis is the biggest Pimp known to man and every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him
I wish i could do denis this weekend hes so irrasistable
by Doesn't matter November 22, 2004
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Denis is the most coolest and sexiest young man you would ever get to know. All the girls follow Denis everywhere.
Girl 1: Have you seen the sexy guy?
Girl 2: Who? Denis?
by randomkid132 December 27, 2017
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