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Take responsibility” it’s a phrasal verb.

I take responsibility

I took responsibility
I will take responsibility

Taking responsibility is a phrasal verb used to recognize and repair something that is wrong, when and where the person who caused the wrong is aware and willing to repair the damage.

Taking responsibility comprise 3 stages and actions

1. Awareness of the problem
2. Honesty to recognize the problem caused
3. Courage to publicly accept the responsibility
4. Willingness to repair the damage caused to the affected people
5. Public Commitment to find the solution to Repair the damage

6. After the damage is repaired, you need “humility” to offer an apology, knowingly that forgiveness may or may not be given.
1. I ask you to take responsibility for the way you drink alcohol.
2. I ask you to take responsibility of your wrongs.

3. I take responsibility for the bad design of the cookware.

Suggested research : Prochaska’s Model of Change
by Sensalsa July 27, 2018
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