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This word is just "dude" but said in a much different manner. It kinda sounds like you've just smoked 2gs by yourself and are trying to act like a surfer dude.
"Doode, that was some good shit. Lets go surfing."
by smack_my_bitch October 19, 2004
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/da oodes/ noun

Starcrossed individuals who are predestined to slip, stumble or dive into a socially awkward position. A doode is usually unaware of the faux-pas, but, may on occasion delight in the mutual discomfort. A doodes is functionally similar to a Larry David.
The doodes smiled broadly at the new father, "So you are African American and your wife is Japanese... what does that child look like?".

Ah, said the doodes, "So I called the wrong person? Oh, the other ethnic person. Hmmm, no, I didn't confuse you with someone else of the same race. Yes, I realize you are all individuals."

The doode's brow furled, "Mo? Who is Mo? Oh, you are referring to Carl the hoMOsexual, correct?" A look of surprise, "Oh actually Mohammad... certainly a different way to go."
by gregbeenbobaked October 18, 2010
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inside joke with your friends, said like saying hey to someone, but meant to insult them, but only your friends know. Also said when someone says a bad joke.
John tells a bad joke so you would say DOODE.
by imacrazy17 October 06, 2008
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