own - to own (verb)

to own is to dominate something or someone.
1. dude, hiroshima got owned
2. dude, nagasaki got owned!

noob800: I'll get you with my pistol! *wheeze*
31337: fine, I guess my sniper just won't cut it
*no-scope headshot*
31337: you got owned

At the end of "dawn of the dead", the people got owned
by doombuddy January 02, 2007
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To say that something is the best or better than something else.
Nique: Those tacos were great.
Dee: Volcano's tacos are better.
Nique: What are you talking about? Douglas tacos own.
by Nique March 27, 2005
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To have control over, ie. in cracking, to have gained root- or administrator-level access to one's computer, by (for instance) installing a trojan-horse program thereupon, exploiting a security loophole in its operating system, or socially-engineering access to its password. (Often the domain of script-kiddies and malicious crackers, rather than "hackers" of the creative type.)
"I own your box."
"The computers at the school lab are now owned."
by Ilan March 14, 2005
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To wear clothing, accessories, or physical features (i.e. pale skin) with confidence.
"I was a little nervous about wearing such unconservative trousers, but I decided I just gotta own that shit."
by DeltaMouse December 31, 2005
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a verb means "to own"
It can be used in two meanings:
1. is Elite means to pwn, to kill some1
2. to have something that is yours.
<n00b> Hey Dude I own this car, don't touch it
<h4x0r> That car must be a n00b if a you ownd it
<n00b> wtf?
<h4x0r> haha n00b
by CMEX June 05, 2005
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