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The number someone or a bot adds to the channel limit (shortly) after someone has joined, for flood control purposes.
15:02 * mf spoogles the channel with +2 spoogleness
15:02 -!- mode/#channel (+l 38) by mf
by MF March 17, 2005
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1. To have an abnormally small penis.

2. A small male chicken.
"Wow, Sling has a small cock for a fatman."
by MF November 26, 2002
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Person who has a violent reaction to methamphetamine.
"We sold him some meth, but that guy was a meth-monster, he fucked the place up good."
by MF September 5, 2002
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n. 1. A sticky, flamable substance. When used in bombs, the explosion covers the surrounding area in napalm.
"they wouldn't die so we had to use napalm on them."
by MF September 5, 2002
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Pestilence of fansubbing that has lead to the acronym "aj" meaning "absolute junk". Complete disregard to any asian language, namely Japanese and Korean.
"your f*cks and your tradors!!!"
"Prelude of the Baridegi princess (Scrapped Princess 1)"
"Mass naked child events"
by MF January 27, 2004
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To stomp on someones head. (specially when they are biting the gutter)
Im going to rompa stompa you homeboyjoe you gook faggot
by MF March 14, 2004
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The fake hair-piece that an old, bald individual would wear.
"His rug few off in the windstorm." What a gay definition, wtf u look this up for you stupid shit?!
by MF September 3, 2002
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