34 definitions by MF

Sexual relations instigated by a nerd or geek seeking to appear learned.
Nerd: "Hey beautiful, how about my go back to parent's basement and concatenate?"
Woman: "No."
by MF January 8, 2004
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To eat poopy underwear while sucking a dick when yur having a heartattack so much that causes yur cum to go in yur brain and kill you.
by MF February 3, 2005
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The fake hair-piece that an old, bald individual would wear.
"His rug few off in the windstorm." What a gay definition, wtf u look this up for you stupid shit?!
by MF September 4, 2002
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To stomp on someones head. (specially when they are biting the gutter)
Im going to rompa stompa you homeboyjoe you gook faggot
by MF March 15, 2004
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v 1. to vomit.
"I drank so much I thought I was going to blow chunks."
by MF September 6, 2002
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OMFG!!11 an ftp full of tentiprawn! lucky!!
by MF April 13, 2004
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n 1. a great quantity. Generally accepted to exceed a butt-load.
"I just ate an ass-load of tacos!"
by MF September 6, 2002
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