1.To win a round in a game. (usually a video/pc game)

2.To beat someone at a game.(usually a video/pc game)

3. To be better at someone. (usually a video/pc game)
1. I 0wn3d at the Halo 2 tournement.

2. I 0wn3d you that time.

3. I 0wn you.
by master stghm January 9, 2005
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Own- To own.

To own is to beat an opponent while displaying a high degree of skill and style.
Headshot. Owned.

Pistol kill from Zais-
Zais: Heheh, owned.
by Vansen April 27, 2005
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To dominate or obliterate someone or something.
(usually in video games)
I just owned Tom in Halo.
by Master ownage March 31, 2008
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If you can bury it in your backyard at any point in time, without facing criminal consequences, you officially own that object.
Dude, I completely own my dog.
by FLASHMONKeY May 4, 2005
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Own- the act of putting someone in their place.
Mostly done verbally but can also describe a physical action.

When someone gets shot down. Also called ownage.
You just got owned!

That was total ownage.
by Matt Marrongelli September 19, 2006
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1) To possess an asset.
Slang: (owned) 1) One that has been worked, eliminated by someone more skilled.
Pete was owned in a paintball game by Bert due to greatly inferior ability.
by Rick VH May 27, 2003
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own - to own (verb)

to own is to dominate something or someone.
1. dude, hiroshima got owned
2. dude, nagasaki got owned!

noob800: I'll get you with my pistol! *wheeze*
31337: fine, I guess my sniper just won't cut it
*no-scope headshot*
31337: you got owned

At the end of "dawn of the dead", the people got owned
by doombuddy January 2, 2007
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