Past participle of spank which means
to attack someone's ass while their pants are down and they can't defend themselves. Often for the amusement of others.
When Sally went skinny dipping and got her upper body stuck in the filter, everyone in a 1 mile area spanked her.
by Sally November 2, 2002
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To be beaten decisively in a contest, especialy a sporting event.
Man, our team got spanked!
by Borble August 21, 2003
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To utterly defeat your enemy.
I just "spanked" your whole team with a rocket!
by Spencer T.B. Nolan April 22, 2008
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When your about to make a post about something on a forum,and someone posts it just when you were clicking "submit", You got spanked.
Forum guy 1: Heres a youtube link
Forum guy 2: I found it on youtube!
(edit) Damn, i got spanked by forum guy 1
by Cunning June 5, 2007
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When ones bottom is bared and they are flipped over a knee or an object to be punished by hand or with an instrument which will leave them red and sore. After which they will remain bare for a corner time or the rest of the day.
“Julie pull your pants down and get over here for your spanking

“Mom please no i’m sorry”
by Tyraaxeliaz August 16, 2019
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The act of repeatly slapping that booty with one's open hand. Appropriately given by pulling someone ear toward you, sitting down, and guiding them over your knees so that their crotch area is directly on your lap and their ass is slightly lifted and exposed right above your lap. A proper spanking begins with the person clothed, preferably in very tight jeans or short shorts, and begins with several slaps to the buttocks. A spanking requires several intermissions of rubbing and squeezing the butt cheeks and perhaps gently rubbing sensitive areas in more hidden in between the legs. By the time a spanking is over, all clothing should have been removed, and the butt should be fairly red, very hot, and very stingy from all the slaps. However, no bruises or marks should ever appear. Both men and women, young and old, require spankings. Most do not admit it.
I asked you to bring a Dr. Pepper, not a Coke; YOU'RE GONNA GET A SPANKING!!!
by solrac January 4, 2004
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