To win, specificly to win by a large margin.
I 0wn3d j00!
I 0wn3d in that game!
j00 0wn3d him!
I got 0wned!
by Avatar May 27, 2003
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half-leet, 1337 1/2( 1. belief of actually overcoming and surpassing and/or defeating an individual, shown in last word/ 2. declarance of victory or superiority by a third individual 3.compliment, not title given to an(a)object/ person
Person 1.: did you saw that?

person 2.: that 0wN3d

(after long sentence or insult) 0wN3d

^ same but said by third guy
by tharuz January 25, 2004
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To be owned by one.
proving that you are not leet (1337, L337.

one is greater then the other
6 > 7
MAtt got 0wn3D by a tree
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