68 definitions by Ricky Roma

spending within a set limit, and not going apeshit with the credit card and bad checks.
Now that I bought a new Porsche, looks like I'm gonna have to be on a budget for the next 6 years.
by Ricky Roma November 27, 2003
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term used by the very casual hockey "fan" @ 120dB, telling the home team to make contact with the other team.

Usually followed up by "hit em", "kick his ass", or "fuckemup"
I went to the Penguin game last night, and some 300 lb drunk asshole kept yelling things like check'em, puck-in-the-net, Jagr you euro pansy, and hit em with your purse you pussy.
by Ricky Roma November 27, 2003
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nickname given to any pair of stoners who's main purpose in life is to 1) roll joints, 2) smoke weed, 3) tell stories about the time they were smoking out of a (insert object), and 4) grow weed.

Other characteristics include dirty, nappy hair and the smell of patchouli
Guy1: Those two potheads remind me of Cheech and Chong.
Guy2: WTF? They're not even Mexican.
Guy1: Hey, Chong wasn't Mexican.
Guy2: Oh yeah.
by Ricky Roma December 27, 2003
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(fr.) to shit

Not to be confused with the french word wordmerde/word, which also means shit.
il a chier partout = He shit everywhere.
Il y a de merde de chien partout = There is dogshit everywhere.
by Ricky Roma December 23, 2003
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synonym for jail

also clink, iron city, lockdown, tank, and bighouse
This kid I went to school with got thirty days in the cooler for fleeing the police while drunk
by Ricky Roma November 18, 2003
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the official mode of transportation of mullets around the world.

See also "camaro cut".
You should have seen this hick riding past my house. He had this primered-out 82 Camaro with T-tops, and his mullet was flapping out the top.
by Ricky Roma October 10, 2003
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