67 definitions by Ricky Roma

waving the wordshocker/word in the air.
We were at the club last night, and I had to throw up a shockwave so my boys could see where I was.
by Ricky Roma December 27, 2003
to take a severe beating from someone.
I called this dude a dirty cocksucker, so he got up in my face and housed me with a few lefts.
by Ricky Roma September 27, 2003
slang for $100
I just dropped a hundy on a few burner since my old one crapped out on me.
by Ricky Roma November 18, 2003

also cooler, iron city, lockdown, tank, and bighouse
Spending any time in the clink has to suck.
by Ricky Roma November 18, 2003
term also used by 419 scambaiters to describe their pets.
I've been going back and forth with this mugu for about three weeks, and I'm hoping to score a trophy pic of him.
by Ricky Roma July 20, 2004
1. brand name of sunglasses
2. The act of dropping your balls across your partners eyes. (also see teabag)
1. I just dropped a hundy on a new pair of ray-bans, since someone broke into my car and deeboed my old pair.

2. We had this party at the crib, and some nasty skank passed out in my bed. Because she did, I had to drop the ray-bans on her.
by Ricky Roma November 18, 2003
the official mode of transportation of mullets around the world.

See also "camaro cut".
You should have seen this hick riding past my house. He had this primered-out 82 Camaro with T-tops, and his mullet was flapping out the top.
by Ricky Roma October 10, 2003