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wearing nothing under a coat, only to open it and show your junk to everyone.
Some shithead came to the party, opened his coat, and flashed everyone.
by Ricky Roma September 30, 2003

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A genre of music that died around 1996, contrary to what any blue haired fifteen yr old will tell you.

Punk Rock originally had a three chord sound. Everyone knew that the music was not important as the message. Sid Vicious was never known as the best player of the 70s or of any era, but everyone knew who the Sex Pistols were.

True punk rock bands include (but are not limited to): Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Ramones, Youth Brigade, Bad Brains, DK (pre-1987), Descendents, Minor Threat, Fugazi, 7 Seconds, Bad Religion, Sub Society, and Teen Idols.

Examples of "punk" rock, only by record label classification: Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, No Doubt (yes, I once had someone tell me they are punk. Yes, you may laugh too), 311, and The All American Rejects.
Kid1: Dude, I am so punk because I wear a Good Charlotte hoodie, a mesh trucker hat that I bought at the mall and have every Blink 182 CD, including the bootlegs.
Kid2: No, that makes you a fucking tool.
Kid1: But I want to be punk. How can I be punk?
Kid2: In the words of Jello: "Punk ain't no religious cult,punk means thinking for yourself. You ain't hardcore cause you spike your hair, when a jock still lives inside your head."

To paraphrase: Mall punks, mall punks, mall punks.....fuck off!
by Ricky Roma January 30, 2004

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A cliche, popular within the circles of coaches, business execs, and those of us who just want to say "It's happened. 'I'm going to forget about it. I'm going to move on. There is nothing that can be done about it."

Voted by USA Today as the #1 cliche of 2004
"We showed up and gave 100%, and it is what it is."— NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, after finishing second in the Nextel Cup championship. (AP, Nov. 22)

"Never in a million years did I think we would be 1-5 at this juncture, but it is what it is."— Mike Minter, safety for the NFL's Carolina Panthers, on his team's start this season. (AP, Oct. 24)

Is this a better game than before? That's what a lot of people are asking. Perhaps the more precise question should be: Is this what hockey is going to evolve into? And if so, will the fans, the players, the coaches, and the general managers embrace it as NHL hockey?
"It is what it is," said Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock. "It's a new game." (AP, Oct. 23)
by Ricky Roma October 27, 2005

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acronym, although pronounced as if it is a single word, for "Bend over! Here it comes again."

Commonly used around the workplace when getting repeatedly fucked by the work center supervisor. Very commonly used within the military, specifically the navy and FFG-22.
(Office Space reference)

Bill Lumburgh asking Peter Gibbons to work on Saturday is a perfect example of getting fucked by the supervisor.

Lumbergh asking Peter to come in on Sunday is even more fucked up. Peter should have yelled "BOHICA!" and walked out of the office.
by Ricky Roma January 16, 2004

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(verb) to shit; (noun) shit; (past tense) shitted or shat
(verb) Man, I gotta deuce bad.
(noun) You should have seen that deuce I dropped. It was man-sized.
(past tense) I just deuced, and it be stinkin' up the joint.

by ricky roma September 24, 2003

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being confined to a certain area that usually smells like the combo of piss, shit, feet, ass, nuts, body odor, lysol, and mildew for a preset or indefinite amount of time.

Characteristics include a 64 sq ft room with a sliding door that contains several iron bars that is opened remotely. The room also contains a stainless shitter(def #2) that hasn't been cleaned since 1989 and a bed that probably has been urinated over and jacked off on 1000s of times.

(so I've heard)

also clink, iron city, lockdown, tank, and bighouse
We went on a jail tour last week, and from what I saw it's not my kind of place.
by ricky roma November 18, 2003

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the official mode of transportation of mullets around the world.

See also "camaro cut".
You should have seen this hick riding past my house. He had this primered-out 82 Camaro with T-tops, and his mullet was flapping out the top.
by ricky roma October 10, 2003

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