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used when describing a bad performance on a test.
I took a test for a possible promotion today, and I know I tanked it.

Looks like I'll be working my shitty desk job the rest of my life, wordFFS/word
by Ricky Roma December 25, 2003
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a group of kids (usually ricers) who drive up and down roads looking for a race, but have nothing to back it up with (besides decals and $9.99 Autozone mods.)

Inspired by the movie "The Fast And The Furious"
Who are The Fast And The Fuckheads trying to impress? Everyone knows he pulls 19s in his Civic, at best.
by Ricky Roma September 24, 2003
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taking a leak, during or after a long night of drinking.
Excuse me, I need to get rid of some beer. That tree behind the keg looks like a good spot.
by Ricky Roma October 10, 2003
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to take a severe beating from someone.
I called this dude a dirty cocksucker, so he got up in my face and housed me with a few lefts.
by Ricky Roma September 27, 2003
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waving the wordshocker/word in the air.
We were at the club last night, and I had to throw up a shockwave so my boys could see where I was.
by Ricky Roma December 27, 2003
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bench player, who has the primary quality of burning minutes and chipping in the occassional goal.

Term mostly used in hockey, but can also be used in basketball or baseball.
We picked up Dave this season because he's the perfect garbage man. He burns minutes which allows our RWs to rest, and he chips in about 10 garbage goals a year.
by Ricky Roma December 27, 2003
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also known as ma huang, is a popular dietary supplement in the United States and has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. Ephedra is a compound ofnaturally occurring compounds that are found in plants. Manufacturers are required by law to declare the amount of ephedra in each serving. (25mg per serving, or 100mg per day)
2) substance now banned thanks to former Orioles pitcher Steve Bechler. Bechler, who will never be confused with fitness guru Jack Lalanne, died in 2003 of a heat stroke but was found to have ephedra in his system, along with a load of caffiene pills and pseudoephedrine. Because of his death and other 'claims', the gov is now in the process of banning ephedra in 3-2004. While some may argue in Bechler's family's side, some people casually miss these facts:

- although listed at 239 in the Orioles' media guide, when Bechler's ticker quit, he was 320 lbs(!!) (source CNNSi) at his autopsy.

- Bechler was not accustomed to the warm S Florida climate.

- he had a history of heart problems and a bad liver PRIOR to taking ephedra.

- he was on a liquid diet.

- it was revealed at the autopsy that Bechler was abusing ephedra. From the tox report, it was revealed that Bechler was taking at least 3 tablets per serving, possibly more.
1) I stocked up on some TwinLab energy fuel yesterday since the gov seems to want to take another part of my life away.

2)like anything in life, ephedra is effective when used in moderation. Steve Bechler seemed to think that moderation was 4 caplets per serving. Not that I would wish anything bad on those who abuse any type of substance, but because one individual (who was 80 lbs overweight, I might add) abuses a NATURAL SUPPLEMENT that has been around for 1000s of years, now we all have to suffer.
by Ricky Roma January 1, 2004
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