1. unconscious

2. asleep

3. alcohol intoxicated, drunk (probably from the fact that you lose consciousness when you drink to much)
Don't bother, he's out cold.
by Light Joker May 14, 2007
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when something is awesome, really cool, fresh
damn, dat niggaz' ride is "out cold!"
by Moox May 1, 2008
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1. Don't fuck with that nigga; he's out cold! 2. Man, your ride is out cold. 3. Yo, that was some out cold shit you did!
by warewoof September 11, 2003
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The act of a person being hit on the button. Usually the chin or behind the ear. Then going unconcious.
I saw a mma fight and guy got hit hard on the chin by a punch. He dropped and layed on the ground frozen for about 20-30 seconds. He got knocked out cold.
by sage thunder June 12, 2010
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Used metaphorically to refer to the absence of someone who is called out, particularly when that person is in a queue. It is commonly used in a clinic setting where in a patient leaves before his or her turn is up.
"Patient X was not outside when I called his name."
"He's out went cold."
by OWC October 6, 2012
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Havin it away with a dead person-necrophylia
"I was in the grave yard popping out a cold one the other day."
"You skank."
by Lemonsisere February 3, 2008
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something said to someone to hint that the person's nipples and hard and poking through their shirt
..walks outside..

Person One: Um. It's cold out here. (nods at breasts)

Person Two: Hah (looks at their own breasts).. Yeah (covers up nipples)
by heyheysi2 November 24, 2007
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