its a mix between shit off and fuck you!
'geez a swatch o yer baw bag'

reply ' here, shit you, hombre '
by Tyny September 30, 2008
A reply to shit too affirming the truth in one's challenged statement.
by aiken October 22, 2002
Used in conversation to emphasize that the story is NOT an an exaggeration.
"That's exactly how it happened. I shit you not."
by Kittykatzkrnrz May 24, 2017
say 'shih tzu' out loud
what you said: my baby shih tzu
what it sounded like: my baby shits you
by therearenogoodnamesinmind November 24, 2016
A term used in conversation to emphasize that everything that was said is completely true; no exaggeration!
by Kittykatzkrnrz May 24, 2017
Josh: Did you know that Bernard proposed to Kayla?
James: No way, they only met a week ago.
Josh: I shit you not, they're engaged!
by vejtics May 4, 2019
The expression means I am being honest.
john:I just saw Barbra Bush running naked on T.V
Lou: No fucking way
John: I shit you not
by B-dub (refers to my age) November 17, 2005