its a mix between shit off and fuck you!
'geez a swatch o yer baw bag'

reply ' here, shit you, hombre '
by Tyny September 30, 2008
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A term used in conversation to emphasize that everything that was said is completely true; no exaggeration!
by Kittykatzkrnrz May 23, 2017
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say 'shih tzu' out loud
what you said: my baby shih tzu
what it sounded like: my baby shits you
by therearenogoodnamesinmind November 23, 2016
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The expression means I am being honest.
john:I just saw Barbra Bush running naked on T.V
Lou: No fucking way
John: I shit you not
by B-dub (refers to my age) November 17, 2005
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When some one tells the truth about something usually unbeleivable.
guy 1 - i just laid your mom

guy 2 - wtf!! seriously?

guy 1 - i shit you not my friend...
by Zael Yagami April 29, 2009
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