hanging ground. chilling ground, home, area where you live
ive got bare mans up my yard
by tom and steve October 26, 2003
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your home
"my milkshake brings all the boys to my yard.."

"meet you at my yard in 5, aight?"
by §håÐðw May 21, 2004
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your home
'do you want to go out tonight?'
'nah im stayin at yard'
by Mini Monty June 6, 2003
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Prison. Refers to prison yards in correctional facilities.
We form like niggas in the yard up north -Mobb Deep
by HKIC April 12, 2004
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yard: It is a word with the meaning behind it of someone who does something retarded or dumb. Anyone can be a yard by doing something carelessly without thinking or just being stupid, a person would call them a yard cause they are doing something stupid without thinking and they aren't using their brain.
Beth: Yoh, I cant open this bottle lid! It's not budging.
John: My soul Beth that's because your not turning the lid the wrong way.
Gile: Damn Beth you are such a yard!
by ya manstealing gal April 5, 2019
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