The most comfortable part of your bed, often slept in by your dog or cat without the human's permission.
Every night, I find my cat sleeping in my grave. I have to throw him off the bed so I can get some sleep!!
by Stop the Pendulum April 04, 2006
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Pronounced grave.
A shortened version of Goth and rave lover. To describe kids who like new indie goth and new indie rave, and wear pretty much anything that isn't chavvy or preppy. They say long words and weird stuff and are proud of there weirdness, they are generally nice people but can be violent if provoked- like most people... are usually quite intelligent. G-RaVe kids ROCK!!!

G-rave kid: hmmm i love the horrors and the klaxons!
Chav: hey fuck you emo, greebo scum!
G-rave kid: as much as i like emos and such, i would ask you to refrain from putting me in a single box, as i may soon suffocate from boredom... so bugger away with ye, thou inbecilic clone!
Chav: wtf is u on emo shit?
G-rave kid: it means- fuck off you stupid chav *walks off sniggering*
Chav: emo...
by Loz von Banshee April 02, 2007
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Noun: The place you went to when you took synthetic opiates lost like 11 hours in oblivion.

Verb: A combination of "crave" and "rep to the grave," meaning truly desiring something so much as to want it more than life itself.
A: "Oh my god, did you see that documentary about the Amazon basin?"

B: "Yeah, HD nature shows have what dads grave."
by Browneye Buttes September 16, 2009
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Person 1 - "What are you doing tonight?"
Person 2 - "oh nothing, just gonna head over to g-rave"
Person 1 - "ya me too, i wonder if Maria is there?"
Person 2 - "k i'll meet you there, manpreet.
Glen - "Don't park in Maria's spot."
by FlexIn September 16, 2005
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adverb; i.e "To Grave"

- word used after one farts, to warn those around them...it's deadly.
Person 1: *fart* "ahh...GRAVE!"
Group: OHH MAN get away, he's had a grave!
by BriWHOA August 08, 2007
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Originated from the words "gothic" and "rave" to form G Rave which became grave. Pretty self explanitory since it is a name for a gothic rave. That's right, you combine dark clubs, glow sticks, maybe a few whips and chains, some trance/ hardcore music and some goths and ravers. All in all Graves are the darkside of raving with a little less kandi and E, but a little more black makeup and acid.
Dude, we went to that grave last night and saw someone pierce their own lip with a safety pin on the dance floor.
by OrangePuma June 17, 2009
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