To uncover information about a certain subject without revealing it in its entirety.
-"whats a hint?"
-"ill give you a hint"
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When someone catches a case of the stupid and needs extra information to figure stuff out.
Bobtard: Dude my hamster has been asleep for two weeks now, why won't it wake up?

Me: I'll give you 3 hints why;

1-crazy party crack cocain

2-mini master fuzz sniff king

by Connor Smith August 31, 2007
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"Hint, hint" is what you say when you're trying to get someone to do something or realise what you're asking them for, when it would be rude or inappropriate to ask them to do it directly.

It is said humorously to make it a bit more obvious that you're giving hints as to what you'd like them to.
Brother: My friend is coming round tonight, and we're hoping to have a little bit of time alone together, hint hint, if you get my drift, hint hint.
Sister: OK OK, I get it, I'll get out of here.

Girl: Mmm, I think one of those engagement rings would look really good on me, don't ya think (hint hint)?
Guy: Hey, look at that... thing over there!
by Redonkuloso September 22, 2011
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1. "Hint hint" is something that someone says sarcastically to another person to guide them into the correct direction, to let them know that they are close to a solution (usually by pointing their finger to the correct area, etc...), it is simply dropping a 'hint" to an otherwise temporarily or permanently clueless person.
EX: This Blonde Bombshell was hitting on John, but he was so nervous that he could not reply with anything else other than a nod. I think the cat had his tongue LOL! So I whispered: "Hint hint" *elbow jab* John! get on the ball or I will. Well, John wussed out and I had a sweet one night stand with a total babe! I think John put her on his MILF list. Ooooooooooh she is SO fine! I won't tell John that she gave me her number. I am gunna ring her soon too; she told me to give her a booty call anytime!
by IrishDaddy2U April 19, 2010
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Only the best band to ever come out of Baltimore, Maryland. Comprised of Joe Jayson(providing sweet melodic vocals), Jeff Hurn(providing kick ass beats on the drums), Tim Foltyn(providing amazing tunes on the guitar) and Geoffrey Blake(providing us with sick sounds from the bass). Not only are they amazing in their music, but they are the nicest guys you will ever get the chance to meet. So, if that chance ever comes to you, don't pass it up! These 4 guys manage to make their music sound completely amazing without sounding like any other band I've heard before. They are truly unique. From the lyrics, to the music, everything is just incredible. They titled their newest album "They Can't Stop Us Now" and clearly, they can't.
"The things we do in the dark, make the biggest light in my heart."

"The melody lasts when the memory fades, and I hear the sound of your voice every time it plays."

"Falling into reckless abandon, singing every word to the song. You let go of the wheel when you knew that I was still holding on."

"Painted trees in the rearview behind me now, replacing Summer with Fall, and wondering how you are. We're speeding faster, spinning after. Slow it down to remember a moment that's gone. And we'll remember it all."

"Eyes shine with ecstacy, I wait for ours to meet, I will love you more, more than a trophy on a shelf. Speak now, or forever hold your peace, love. But there's no peace on your own."

"Lovers lost, we were tossed in the ocean. Will to survive was the only emotion. Thrashed about, we got lost in the waves, washed ashore you've been missing for days. I lost you once, before. Now I'm hoping what you're searching for is home."

Gosh, there are so many more.

"The Hint is amazing"
by ilovethehint July 11, 2008
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Opposite of FOMO. Abbreviation for Happy I'm Not There.
Oh you're with our friends at that bar I hate? Yeah...HINT.
by Jordan VB September 27, 2013
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a thing someone does when they try to get a girl to have sex with them
"yesterday I was hinting on Jenny"
by cool2786436 October 16, 2015
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