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The year that michael jackson died,the yankees won another championship,kobe finally got his fourth ring,tiger woods crashed his car on thanksgiving night trying to cheat on his wife,a year proving you need no talent to become famous,see (jon and kate)also kim kardashion. Nude rihana,and celebrity sex tapes all over the place,t.I. Goes to jail, michael vick gets reinstaded into the nfl, the sucky twilight movie rave begins and the year of lady gaga.
2009 was okay, but 2010 should be better
by sage thunder April 11, 2010

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A very atractive girl. She's so hot that you may talk to her, sit by her and touch her thighs. If she dosent do or say anything. She probably likes you. This is usually happens at parties.
Guy1: dude I saw this hot girl at a party. So It made me flirt with her. I sat close to her and felt her legs. She did'nt say anything. Think she likes me? Guy1s friend: she defindly likes you. A hot girl letting you touch her? You should ask her out,
by sage thunder April 23, 2010

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A oxymoron. For good rapping see (hip-hop).
Dude:what are you listen to? Dude 2: rap music. Dude: funny oxymoron but seriously what are you listen to? Dude 2: I said rap music. Dude: okay man let's talk when you aren't joking.
by sage thunder June 11, 2010

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A great band from the U.K. And one of the best alt-rock/post-punk revival bands of the 2000S. Listen to there album from 2008, to lose my life or to lose my love. The song to lose my life is great.
Let's grow old together, and die at the same time!(White lies)
by sage thunder April 03, 2010

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A terrible movie. It sucks ass. Everybody is so fucking pale.
The Twilight movie sucks. to bad hot topic had to promote this shit.
by sage thunder March 26, 2010

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The strokes are a garage rock/post-punk band, formed in 1998. Also along with the white stripes brought back mainstream media interest in garage rock. And many other garage rock bands and post-punk bands became big along with them. in 2001 the strokes realeased is this it. The album has notable songs like last nite,hard to explain and nyc cops. The bands music and style has influenced the majority of music to after in the 2000s. The bands dress style is usually somewhat 70s retro,vintage. So a certain style would be blazers or a leather jacket with skinny jeans and chuck. taylors. The strokes may be the #1 reason you might see lots of guys dressed that way.
Other 2000s bands like the strokes are the libertines,arctic monkeys,the hives,interpol,franz ferdinand,the killers,tokyo police club.
by sage thunder November 07, 2010

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A great genre of british alternative rock in the nineties. Made popular by bands suede and blur in the begining. Most britpop bands main influences are the beatles,the smiths,and the stone roses. U.s. Reconition started with blurs album leisure in 1991.Then latter in 1994 oasis released definently maybe and blur released parklife which started the battle of britpop mainly in the u.k. Though. Blur had a more sucsessful single won the battle. But in 1996 what's the story mourning glory came out kicked blurs asses. In 1997 britpop died because oasis be here now album was mediocre camparred to there other albums. This lead blur lead singer to say fuck britpop and release a self titiled album that nothing to do with britpop. It had one the greatest songs of the nineties song 2. That was influenced by american alternative rock.people seem to confused with was brit pop.radiohead not britpop,the verve post-britpop.with britpop dead came post-britpop. Good thing post-punk/garage rock revival came out cause post-britpop wayyy to soft.
Brit1: I wish oasis album be here now didn't suck cause here's post-britpop. Brit2: yeah cause coldplay and the verve are to soft and radioheads to boring.
by sage thunder March 19, 2010

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