26 definitions by sage thunder

The greatest city in the world. Plain and simple.
Why move to los angeles. When you can move to new york city.
by sage thunder April 5, 2010
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The act of a person being hit on the button. Usually the chin or behind the ear. Then going unconcious.
I saw a mma fight and guy got hit hard on the chin by a punch. He dropped and layed on the ground frozen for about 20-30 seconds. He got knocked out cold.
by sage thunder June 12, 2010
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1: A made up music genre. 2: A music genre that sucks(sorry emos its horrible music. And I like emos but there isn't one great band). 3: A subcoulture with guys and hot girls. They are so misunderstood.
The music sucks but the emos are cool
by sage thunder April 14, 2010
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A made up music genre. By the media to describe melodic hardcore punk bands,that wrote personel and sad lyrics or song in a whiny style of voice. And of course everybody likes to say that the beginning of emocore started with rites of spring. They actually just are a bad sounding post-hardcore band. In the mid 80s they wrote more mellodic songs with personel lyrics. When they played shows some of crowd thought that the songs were so sad that they cried like they were the beatles. These people were called emo. In the 90s the band jawbreaker wrote a sad little song about getting drunk instead of kissing a girl. And got called emo. Sunny day real estate though may be the only emo band because of their sound but only for one song seven. Then the media made it out like to be emo write a song like jawbreaker and sound like sdre. Sunny day real estate is mainly a band that mixes grunge and hardcore. They did one whiny record and that was it. There is no band that comes out saying that there emo. But the only band I know that sounds simuler are to sdre is taking back sunday. But there not emo either.
Sunny day real estates song seven is the only true emocore song. btw people that say the cure is emo,probably has down syndrone
by sage thunder April 14, 2010
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A oxymoron. For good rapping see (hip-hop).
Dude:what are you listen to? Dude 2: rap music. Dude: funny oxymoron but seriously what are you listen to? Dude 2: I said rap music. Dude: okay man let's talk when you aren't joking.
by sage thunder June 12, 2010
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A really shitty music genre that's still going strong in the 2000s. It was good in the 90s but bands like bad charlette,simple plan and new found glory had to ruin it. Its just pop-rock. The second wave of this crap is boys like girls,all time low, and we the kings. To play this music the lead singer has sound like a 5 year old boy, the guitars have to be very lite, isen't that cute?
Teen: How do I start a pop-punk band. Indie rocker: oh just ripoff blink-182. You'll make it big man. Teen: okay cool!!
by sage thunder May 2, 2010
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When a guy puts his cock and balls in between his legs and closes them all the way. Posing like he has a pussy.
Shawn wayaans in scary movie is such a pussy poser.
by sage thunder April 12, 2010
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