1) Milk's favorite cookie. A cookie that was orginally two dark brown shortbread that smushes the white cream inside. This cookie has been made in many different ways like Vanilla Oreo(golden shortbread), double-stuffed oreo and so on. Founded in East Hanover, New Jersey in the year 1912

2) A term usually used by African-Americans to insult another African-American by saying they are "black on the outside," meaning their skin color "and white on the inside." Meaning that they don't 'act black'. People who are called Oreos most likely make good grades in school, speak proper english, listen to a variety of music, have friends of many races, and dress differently than some expect them to.
Yes, I have been called one when I moved to the city for one year(my family moves alot).
Girl: What's your fave cookie?

Guy: Oreos! Mm Mm Mm! Milk's favorite cookie!

Girl: Mine is snickerdoodle

Guy: Oreo beats them all! It gets soggy quickly when you dip it in the milk! Yuuuuummmy!

Girl: Tch. Nu-uh! Snickerdoodles rock my socks!

Guy: Whatever! *hugs oreos*

African-American guy: Sonny, that car is vicioussssss! You know me and Tyrone are gonna take is for a spin and do like they do it on pimp my ride 'cuz you know we is tight, ya know?

African American Girl:....I have no clue what you just said.

African American Guy: You know what I'm sayin' shawty!

African American Girl: Stop talking like that, please.

African American Guy:.....You is a oreo, man.
by Little Miss Anything April 16, 2009
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A racist slur and schoolyard name based on racist stereotypes wrongly assuming that intelligence, articulateness, dapperness, and manners are traits of whites and not blacks. Therefore, a black who possesses these traits is an oreo, white on the inside and black on the outside. A corollary slur is banana, yellow (Asian) on the outside and white on the inside.
That black guy is smart, successful, well-mannered, and speaks standard English. He is an oreo.
by MarkWashington January 13, 2007
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1)An immature saying by black and white people (usually black people) who say that a black kid who doesn't wear fubu, or other gangster clothes but wear Abercrombie & Fitch, or A.E e.c.or listen to rock music or speak proper and not like a sensless idiot is white. Even though despite that nobody died and said "Well black people should wear this, act like this, listen to this e.c."
Black person with sense: I think I'm going to shop at Hollister, they got nice clothes.

black person with no sense: Man dats a white people sto stick to ya own kind, ur an oreo.

Black person with sense: Whatever the guy's a moron anyway to say that.
by 352sucks January 01, 2008
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A black person who is said to "act white" because of the way they dress, talk, or act. Someone who does not play in to "acting black" and believes that there is no way to "act black". Someone who typically hangs out with whites, or gets along well with whites.

Sometimes blacks take being called an oreo as an offense, but others might take it as being called a "classy black", someone who did not grow up in the projects so has no particular reason to be someone they aren't in order to fit in well with the black community.
Caleb is such an oreo. He's always going up north to snowboard and lives up in rich country with the white folks.
by Ryan D. Williams December 29, 2007
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