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When you give a girl a generous dousing of urine, preferably to the face, after sex. R. Kelly's method of choice.
Damn! He tricked her out with some liquid bling!
by HueyFreeman December 01, 2006
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A way of declaring your motivation or authority. Useful when said motivation or authority is questioned by someone.
Nikki: Why'd you throw out my stuff and start sleeping with my best friend

You: Motherfucka 'cuz I'm God!
by HueyFreeman November 26, 2006
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Film director most notable for the "Rush Hour" movies. Also single-handedly destroyed the X-Men franchise, scrapping all of the character development and careful storytelling that Bryan Singer crafted. He did this in favor of cramming in tons of characters with no plot relevance, and throwing in popular internet trends (Juggernaut Bitch).

Chubby and unshaven, he looks like he desperately needs a bath and a shave. Likes to refer to himself in the third person during interviews. A hack.
Brett Ratner: Bryan Singer and Brett Ratner are in that same age range that grew up on comics.

Interviewer: Only difference is, Bryan Singer did his homework and knows how to make a good movie.

Brett Ratner: But... I crammed in so many characters! I even used the "Juggernaut Bitch" internet trend!
by HueyFreeman November 26, 2006
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A band that, unfortunately, is only best known for their Michael Jackson cover of "Smooth Criminal". It sucks because outside of this song, they're actually a really good band.
Teeny bopper: "OMG!!! Alien Ant Farm is awesome! 'Smooth Criminal', like, rocks!!!!"

Alien Ant Farm fan: "Aw, shut up. Go listen to their whole albums instead of the same video MTV plays."
by HueyFreeman September 13, 2006
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The good guys of the Transformers universe. There were quite an abundant amount of them, the most notable being Bumblebee, Jazz, Ratchet, Ironhide, and Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime. They were all led by the noble leader Optimus Prime. They fought to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons, the bad guys of the Transformers universe, led by Megatron. That simple.
Autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons.
by HueyFreeman September 15, 2006
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The type of jewelery that, according to Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie "Blood Diamond", they have in Africa. Apparently more valuable than american bling.
"In America it's Bling bling. Down here it's bling bang."
by HueyFreeman December 01, 2006
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a. The saddest experience you'll ever know.

b. The declination of something that you do not wish for.
Chris: Hey, do you wanna go out?

Amanda: No.

Chris (under breath): Unnhh... I'm gonna go sink in a river of despair now.
by HueyFreeman October 23, 2006
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