round choco biscuit with a creamy inside and a blue wrapper
Nadine:I love oreos
Maria: mmmm Oreo' mmmmmm
Nadine: oooh bring it on
by SoSoBaby September 03, 2008
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Oh, oh, oh, ice cold milk
and an Oreo Cookie
They forever go together,
what a classic combination
When a dark, delicious cookie
meets an icy cold sensation
Like the one and only creamy,
crunchy, chocolate, O-R-E-O
That was the Oreo jingle
by WretchingGoatman June 30, 2005
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When two black men and a white woman engage in sexual intercourse. One man inserts his penis in the vagina, while the other man inserts his penis in the anus. Because of their skin colors, it looks like a Oreo!
by The Dirty One :) March 13, 2019
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Miguel: Aye jesus, i wanna buy some w---
*cuts him off*
Jesus: Aye man! we're on the bus, c.i.a. , the fan in the front, chris got that so the smell can go up! We're tapped! check ya phones!
Mario: ...or he's just using the fans to de-fogg the windows.
Everyone: hahaahh
*looks at marios bag of oreos, in quick need of a nickname for weed*
Miguel: OREOS!
Jesus: aiight, you want some oreos?!?
by Migggggy September 19, 2008
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