"James you're such an oreo"
"I'm just an educated black man Peter just because I'm not ignorant doesn't mean I'm white."
by pallen November 10, 2007
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1. What a black person gets called if they don't speak slang, wear Sean John, or freestyle. A pretty nasty and immature stereotype. The retards who believe in this term characterize an oreo as being "black on the outside, white on the inside". Pretty lame. And yeah, I am black.

2. When two black guys double-team a white girl on each side.
"Yeah, I'm black, I play guitar, listen to rock music, and my jeans don't hang below my ass. I guess I'm an oreo."
by HueyFreeman December 04, 2006
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Someone who might be dark skined on the outside but have the personality and characteristics of a white person.
by Derek N. August 19, 2005
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"Black on the outside white on the inside."

A dark skinned person who displays characteristics of a white person. Oreo's are usually found listening to rock, and doing things that aren't usually classified as "black". They speak using proper grammar and think racism sucks. Most of them are proud of their heritage but choose not to act as stupid as some of their peers. They normally grew up in and environment that is predominately white.
"Omg look what Steffeny is wearing, what's with the skinny jeans and converse? She's such an oreo. "
by Cocoalozer March 20, 2008
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A game like rock-paper-scissors, except if you lose, the winner tells you to ask someone out (pretend or real, your choice), hug them, or kiss them. And instead of saying "rock-paper-scissors shoot!" you say "or-e-o!".
I was on a long field trip once, and on the way back, everyone was playing Oreo. My crush was sitting in the back, and my friend next to me asked to play. I lost, and she made me ask him out. I refused, and will never play it again if my crush is anywhere near me.
by BAZINGA! May 23, 2012
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