1)An immature saying by black and white people (usually black people) who say that a black kid who doesn't wear fubu, or other gangster clothes but wear Abercrombie & Fitch, or A.E e.c.or listen to rock music or speak proper and not like a sensless idiot is white. Even though despite that nobody died and said "Well black people should wear this, act like this, listen to this e.c."
Black person with sense: I think I'm going to shop at Hollister, they got nice clothes.

black person with no sense: Man dats a white people sto stick to ya own kind, ur an oreo.

Black person with sense: Whatever the guy's a moron anyway to say that.
by 352sucks January 01, 2008
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The act of a male having anal intercourse with a girl and ejaculating his load into her anus. Immediately followed by him defecating into her anus. There after she defecates the Oreo combination of feces and man cream onto his chest.
Jim:Hey how was your date last night?
Billy: it was delightful, it all came to a close as samantha gave me the most delicious Oreo of my life.
Jim: atta boyyy
by jackmasterfresh November 25, 2013
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An educated african american male or female.
"James you're such an oreo"
"I'm just an educated black man Peter just because I'm not ignorant doesn't mean I'm white."
by pallen November 10, 2007
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"Black on the outside white on the inside."

A dark skinned person who displays characteristics of a white person. Oreo's are usually found listening to rock, and doing things that aren't usually classified as "black". They speak using proper grammar and think racism sucks. Most of them are proud of their heritage but choose not to act as stupid as some of their peers. They normally grew up in and environment that is predominately white.
"Omg look what Steffeny is wearing, what's with the skinny jeans and converse? She's such an oreo. "
by Cocoalozer March 20, 2008
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A term that ignorant caucasion people call intelligent African Americans. Just because there are foolish African Americans out there, throwing their lives away doesn't mean that's what every African American does. Therefore, by calling an intelligent African American an oreo-( white on the inside, black on the outside) you are making yourself look ignorant. And saying that they aren't black, just because they aren't selling drugs between class periods, walking with that ghetto swagger, or making a fool out of themselves, doesn't mean that they aren't black. YOU are the one looking ignorant, YOU are the one looking foolish, and YOU are the one that's gonna get jumped.
Alyssa {african american}- wow. Yesterday I saw a shirt that said, " Nigger- don't you know it's called the WHITEhouse?" It made me so upset. It annoys me that people can be so racist towards African Americans.

Steph {caucasion}- Hahahaha shut up Alyssa. You're such an oreo.

Alyssa: Excuse me?

Steph: You're the whitest black person I've ever known!

{watch your back, Steph.}
by Alyssa. Holland. October 16, 2008
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