Usally used by people in the south, and/or 'thugs'
Meaning: Store
Yo im goen to tha sto, you bitches want something?

And dont get it twisted the south IS THE BEST!!
by Miami November 11, 2004
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the slang for store
i'm fittin to go to the sto
by George Courtney February 23, 2004
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the opposite view of "orz"
for examples of sto, see "orz"
by eggimage October 7, 2006
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Short for busto.

A promiscuous girl.

Girl who runs trains.
"That sto fucked 4 guys in a row the other night"
by stoparade May 13, 2007
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sto is just a simple statement for the person you want
by tcollins February 23, 2011
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1.n. a place of commerce
2.n. state of bankruptcy; state of being "cleaned out";
1. yo dog I need a ride to the sto

2. that bitch took my ass to the sto and sold my f@#$$'n dubs.
by Jose April 28, 2004
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'Smiles To Oneself' - when something is moderately funny, but not funny enough to make you laugh out loud.
1) Whats the fastest food in the world?
2) Dunno
3) The Runner Bean
4) STO
by G27 September 22, 2008
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