My bad; my fault; when someone is lunchin and has inconvenienced someone else.
Dan: Mary, you sat in my seat
Mary : My lunch, I didn’t realize you were sitting there.
by The_Streets October 5, 2018
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A term commonly used to indicate that someone (often the speaker) has come off the loser. This phrase can be applied to competitions such as video games and sporting events, as well as such things as tests or writing papers.
How was the econ test?
Dude, it totally ate my lunch...

Did you see Manning just get sacked?
Yeah, that linebacker totally ate his lunch!

I need help in bottom lane, this Warwick is eating my lunch!
by NomJuan June 2, 2012
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excuse me I ate something bad and I need to park my lunch.
by sammyJ December 11, 2013
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When someone gets in your business unnecessarily, and inadvertently fucks you up.
*Andre* "To Chris remember how you told me these was that one chic you wanted to smash ? Well I told her and she said you must be smoking dick."

*Chris* "Thanks man you just packed my Lunch my dude. Fucking thanks for nothing."
by professordre98 March 15, 2017
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To copy someone in a blatant manner. Taking something from someone and using it as if it's your own for financial gain and therefore taking food out their mouth.
Drake took my flow. He stole my whole lunch.

I was doing a reaction channel before everyone and they all stole my lunch.
by Zebra the Moose February 9, 2019
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It means when you taking someone lyrics or trying to be like someone
Eattin my lunch is like rappers wanting to be pac
by trap allstar September 26, 2005
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Several hours after eating rich food it becomes a pneumatic thing. ie: Farting big time
Pew! Sorry, excuse me I was just packed my lunch.
by Ralph, the bus driver January 3, 2004
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