to rock someone - to make someone have a good time, make them feel okay and have fun
I want you to rock me tonight at the fire place.
by imgonnakillyou December 28, 2013
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When you become so lazy you act like a rock, unmoving, unloving, and unfeeling.
Person 1: Hey what are your plans for tonight?
Person 2: Oh I'm just going to rock.
Person 1: I didn't know you were an introvert.
by HüAmI June 06, 2018
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originates from the song Fergalicious sang by, shock, Fergie. It means to make a person of the male specimen excited...down there

aka to make them hard. rock? hard? get it? HAAaaa!
Fergie: I blow kisses, that puts them boys on rock, rock

Random Ho #1: I totally put him on rock-rock while we were grinding to that song
Random Ho #2: You slut! Can we get drunk and pass out again now?
by _God December 09, 2006
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the male genitalia in its aroused state, a sexually excited male.
That redheaded girl is so fine, she had me on rock rock with a quickness.
by Nolezfan December 20, 2006
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When a guy who is hard as a rock fucks a girl who is dry as a rock.
"Conner and Sarah went rock-for-rock last night"
"Oh my god! Are they okay?"
"They are both in the hospital. I don't think they are going to make it."
by Rock Ruchi February 26, 2015
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We are either referring to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, a basketball, or my dick when it's hard.
Teacher-Hey its time for your presentation

Me-oh shit, here's the rock again
by cousinfucker2347632768 April 19, 2019
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