A racist and retarded-idiotic stereotype, meaning: a non-white person/people who selling out.

Just because they're listening to Mozart or Beethoven instead of Hip-hop, Jazz, Calypso, Keroncong, Gamelan, Taganing, Dangdut, Guzheng, or whatever, using proper and plain English (not a Pidgin or Creolized one like Engrish, Hinglish, Singlish, Pisin, or whatever), getting Straight-A+ grade, don't eat dogs, marrying a white man/woman for their inner quality (unlike any Sarong Party Girls did), having a successful career, or minding their own business doesn't make them a race traitor, a sell-out, you name it
Stop calling someone's behavior as "Act White", it's ignorant
by Sir. B December 14, 2020
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a term used with black people to call this person a sell-out. Bascially if you listen to any song not made by a black person, use the word "like" in a sentence more than once, and things even as good as getting good grades.
LaQuesha: so I, like went to the store yesterday and, like, i saw this cute shirt so i, like-
John: LaQuesha! stop acting white!
by TyCrystar April 28, 2007
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Something said by black people who strive to be every possible negative black stereotype possible like being a thug, only listening to rap music, and saying "nigga" in every sentence.

When you're not a thug, grew up middle class, don't have a deep voice, SPEAK ENGLISH and not talk like ghetto trash, have mostly white friends, and don't say "nigga" in every sentence you're a "white boi".
Acting white situations while growing up:

Black cousin: Do you have any hot black girls in you school?
Black me: No, *insert n word with hard r here* are ugly. Asshole.


Stereotypical ignorant black person: YOU'RE WHITE! HAHAHAHHA!
by Anwpyn September 9, 2021
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A term used to describe the lax attitude white folk tend to put forth in uncomfortable and awkward social settings. Usually the settings will involve former lovers, spouses, but everyone will try really hard to be positively sugary nice to each other to be polite and overly-friendly.
"Can you believe my ex asked me if I'd like to have dinner with her and her new husband?"

"Damn dude, that's acting white, does she think you're gonna start acting white too?"

"she's definitely acting white..."
by MintyLeila June 18, 2005
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