A boy who is understanding. The one you have always dreamed of. He is very funny, outgoing, crazy, sexy, lovable, and that prince you've been waiting on to rescue you. Also he is very good with kids and very athletic. He is that one you think of every night. The one you wait on all day to text/call you back. Basically the one when you find true love.He is the one who makes you feel some type of way. The one who will be there through your up's and downs. Mainly you could say he is Cupid.
Wow, Kareem is my sunshine
by Tisha White October 23, 2013
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Really cool guy, who is obsessed with memes. He cares a great deal for those who are his, and is sometimes referred to as daddy. He comes with a gorgeous smile and really nice curly hair. He is basically apart of the National Lightskin League Association. Tends to have a strong vocabulary and great music taste. Genuine person with a great detail of love with the package. Eyelashes and eyebrows are ALWAYS on the fleekiest of fleek. His shoe game is also mad strong, and his bars are fire.
"whos that?"

"that cute ass lookin nigga with the orange bag?"
"yeah, i could hear his music all the way from here, that shit is bumpin bro"
"thats my nigga kareem"
by devorex December 30, 2016
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Kareem is a kind of weird and crazy guy. He can make the funniest faces and even though he acts a little mean,he can always make you laugh. One minute he is flirting and the next he is flirting with your best friend. A lot of people may not know this because he tries not to show it but he can be kind of innocent. He might get in trouble sometimes but he is truly just trying to fit in. Lets be honest he is the kind of person that you want to get over but for some reason you don't even want to try. The kind of person that you know that he will never like you but you want to be in his arms. The kind of person that when he talks to you it gets hot in the room and you start acting crazy. Flirting and trying just be friends with them is kind of the same thing to him. Even though you might try to act like you hate him. You just still don't know what you would do if you lost him. He is the kind of person that you don't want to admit it...but he is someone that you love. but you wouldn't want him knowing that because he most likely won't care. He follows the rules. No dating. Thats the rule that he was given and that is the rule that he follows. I know that this has been a lot but one more thing. He is someone that you want to sit next to.even though you make it seem like you dont. Kareem is a funny trouble maker. And thats what i love best about him.
by secretissafewithme April 12, 2019
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Kareem means generous, (n) awesome, amazing guy, really cool hair, sometime fluflly, sometime straight emo. Gorgeous smile, and you'd do anything to be with him, or to hear his voice, I dream kareem. ;)
by femmefatale_09 March 23, 2009
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Kareem is that guy that has to show off he loves sleeping and eating, He is a giant gamer an would play on his console instead of going anywhere
"Wow who is that gamer " it's kareem
by Bucksarenumber1 April 24, 2019
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A delicious black boy. Also known as Dollface, Beautiful Jungle Flower, Sweet Heart, Dear, or Love. An absolute beautiful soul, who always has the best of intentions. A total mystery. My best friend. And wonderful, sweet, caring, inteligent, frustrating, charismatic, human being.
That Kareem is one delicious black boy!
Man, i have been away for far too long. I miss Kareem so much!
Yeah that guys cool i guess. Not as cool as Kareem, though.
by Signifigant_other June 28, 2011
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A verb used when a hot arab turns you on. You don’t “cream” you “kareem.”
That guy from the deli just made me Kareem”
by eyeswoaface4838 May 1, 2023
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