an absolute fuckin leg end...can do no wrong and is adored by women.
i wish i was like ollie all the chicks love him.
by scary hairy mary May 29, 2009
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the most handsome boy youll ever meet cheeky as f*ck though can be a very smart but comes away with with the most odd things
there are too many to give as a suggestion
omg ollie is so handsome and funny he has the weirdest little quirks that just make him ollie
by dancer16079 September 10, 2017
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Jumping over something with a skateboard. Usually accomplished by pushing on the tail of the board and jumping up with the board stuck to your feet.
Yo dude I straight ollied a 10 stair without breaking my legs!
by Nitraine August 7, 2003
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Jumping up, or over somthing with a skateboard.
Wow, look how high his ollie is!
by Joe January 12, 2005
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An a absolute legend. Has drippy clothes and is insane at basketball.
Wow look at Lebron James, he's an ollie.
by ligmaboy123 July 12, 2022
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the coolest guy in the world, very funny

oh my god, your such an ollie!

i wish i could be ollish
by Lou December 18, 2004
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